A Ban on Smartphones for Kids

Tucker proposed banning smartphone use for kids by federal law. I don’t want to like this guy but he’s literally the only person in the public space who talks about things I find extremely important.

If a politician proposed this, I’d be voting for that politician irrespective of any other issue. Any other issue. He could proclaim Putin the emperor of the world for all I’d care.

And it’s not an extraordinary or unusual thing. There is a ban on kids smoking or drinking alcohol. Recently, a ban on vaping for kids started to get enforced. These bans work extremely well. When was the last time you saw a 6-year-old with a cigarette and a beer bottle, even in families where parents smoke and drink?

Tucker says that about a quarter of children under the age of six have smartphones. These are the children whose language skills, emotional coping skills, and sociability skills will be thwarted for life. They will be part of an underclass, socially engineered into this position by people who’d never do that to their own kids.

I recorded this segment and will keep rewatching it. My analyst does research on this, and the findings are absolutely horrific. I’m sure that this will go the way of smoking where everybody will suddenly realize it’s dangerous. But it will take time and do a ton of damage before then. I believe that this is the most important issue of our times.