The Democratic party used to stand for decidedly good things I could wholeheartedly support: abortion rights, gay rights, racial justice, labor rights. These are all great things, and I’m very much for them.

And then abortion rights transformed into a right to kill an inconvenient child who, after being born, doesn’t rise to high enough consumer standards.

Gay rights turned into a fight to mutilate kids when consumers are too bored to parent them and to put 10-year-olds on the stage of drag clubs for adult pervs to ogle.

Racial justice turned into proposals to ban white people from being hired in academia or getting published in academic journals. [I can give links if needed.]

Labor rights turned into a defence of the big business’s sacred right to access a pool of easily exploitable and terrified illegal workers.

Im not attracted by any of these goals. They actually scare me.

But, but, but, we keep hearing. The planet will die next Sunday, and we are the only ones who can stop it.

It all sounds like an attempt to distract us from this massive betrayal of what Democrats are supposed to stand for. Oh, forget about how we are trying to make sure you can’t get hired or published because of your appearance. At least, it’s better than being dead as a result of global warming. Would you rather be unemployed or dead?

And yes, the other side isn’t any better. If you smell two piles of shit long enough, you might start perceiving one of them as stinking slightly less. But that’s not much of a consolation.

18 thoughts on “Betrayal”

  1. I try to draw a distinction between the Democratic party and dumbass liberals. I’m not going to say the party supports drag kids when no Democratic politician has said anything about them to my knowledge; it’s only a minority of liberals who support that (it seems like the majority are opposed despite the impression liberal media would give you.)

    That said, the reality of the party also sucks and my issues are pretty similar to yours.


    1. All Democrats in the state legislature in VA voted for the inane abortion bill. I can’t begin to believe that their voters truly want them to discuss the non-existent issue of abortions during labor. This is a completely invented situation. But the state has real problems. Why not concentrate on those instead of bringing legislation that most of their own voters find ridiculous? This is what bugs me. You vote for them and they give you nothing except these vapid symbolic gestures.


      1. VA legislature had been focusing on important issues like Medicaid expansion before this too. Why get mired in this kinda controversy when it serves no practical purpose. I’ve often said that many Dems value looking good over doing good, and this is a perfect example.


    1. Even if it were just until labor is completed, it’s a non-existent issue because most women are drugged during labor and can’t consent to anything. A third of births happen through C-section, which means you are on opioids and not competent to consent. The rest are drugged for pain. The ones who refuse any drugs and give “natural birth” are the motherhood fanatics who are desperate to give birth. The only kind of woman I can imagine who would want to abort right before or during labor is a severely mentally ill person, who yet again isn’t competent to consent. Third trimester abortions are extremely rare. These are tragic situations where extreme health issues are in play, and those were already legal in VA.

      (Of course, all abortions are tragic but these ones are really tragic. I’m part of the “legal,safe and very rare” crowd.)

      I also want to add that I know from personal experience what it is like to carry a pregnancy that causes extreme pain and psychological suffering in the third trimester. What I experienced is very very rare. But I can confidently say that no normal woman would terminate at this stage if there is any chance to save the baby.

      A really good fight in this area would be to permit C-sections starting at 34 weeks for cases of macrosomia, gestational diabetes, and other conditions, which are more frequent with aging mothers and overweight population. This would prevent real suffering for women and reduce infant mortality rates. This is an issue that predominantly affects African American women, too. And does anybody care? Not so much. Instead we are discussing ridiculous scenarios that don’t happen.


    1. It’s not mainstream at all. Most registered Democrats don’t support abortion beyond the first trimester. Only about 12%, I believe, support it in the third trimester. What this idiot governor said, is an atrocity to 99% of the population.


      1. “Most registered Democrats don’t support abortion beyond the first trimester. Only about 12%, I believe, support it in the third trimester.”

        Yet not a single prominent Democrat would condemn this bill or even comment meaningfully on it when asked by the media. (I don’t think anybody except Fox News even asked.)

        Pelosi simply said she wasn’t familiar with the bill and walked away.


    1. There is currently a split in the conservative movement between the traditional conservatives (wars are great, lower taxes are great, poor people are lazy and are to blame for their poverty, welfare is evil, exploiting illegal immigrants is amazing, let’s open the borders and exploit them some more) and the new wave of conservatism (let’s stop invading, welfare is important, open borders are destroying welfare, lowering taxes on the rich is stupid and immoral, capital exploits labor, many people are poor and need welfare protections not because they are lazy but because they’ve had bad luck and we all need to help them). Rauner clearly belongs to group 1 and I hate him and everything he stands for. But the second group is expressing ideas I always believed in. I’m attracted to their message because it’s always been my message.

      So there’s a new alternative in town, and it’s not bad at all.


  2. Rauner clearly belongs to group 1 and I hate him and everything he stands for. But the second group is expressing ideas I always believed in.

    The second group could perhaps be called centrists; they are certainly not conservatives. The view “Welfare is important,” is pure socialism, which you have rejected. “Capital exploits labor,” is also a view promulgated about a century ago by the socialists in this country, along with a forty-hour work week, child labor laws, etc., all of which many people I have known view as socialism in one way or another. As Lawrence O’Donnell pointed out last night, Social Security is a socialist program, and conservatives are desperate to privatize it.

    I admit that to me, “conservative” is a loaded word that includes, inextricably, extreme racism, enforced monotheism, extreme authoritarianism, xenophobia, and opposition to public education beyond what is necessary for workers to be able to read orders from their exploiters.


    1. Socialist societies – North Korea, USSR, Cuba and partly Venezuela – never had great welfare. Everybody was or is extremely poor except for a tiny oligarchy.

      Countries with a really strong welfare, like Sweden, actually exceed the US on several free market measures.

      As for what socialists promulgated a century ago, where I’m from they were busy doing genocide, torture and other pretty nasty things. They also instituted child labor and punished children with 10-year concentration camp sentences for coming to work 5 minutes late. In the US, they were never allowed to come to power, so we don’t know what they would have done. I suggest we look at places where they were actually successful in coming to power for a fuller picture.


  3. My view on the Clarissa views is that they have not actually changed, just gotten more clearly formulated, and that they were always what would be called centrist, more or less, in US. When I was younger than I am now there were a lot of moderate Republicans, or left Republicans if you will, who answered this description, although Republican party has since moved to right, and some Democrats.

    David Bellamy is right, US Socialists, when they existed, did exert influence, putting things mildly, to get those things in. US did not have revolution and go Communist but it has these institutions that come from these folks.


    1. Exactly! That’s what I’m realizing. I’m not the one who changed so I should stop feeling bad about it. I haven’t betrayed my core principles, so why am I castigating myself?


      1. But still don’t vote Trump, he’s not . . . I don’t know, Nelson Rockefeller, he’s the modern Klan and this is the element he enables.


          1. To the Bernie-hater who downvoted my comment: I have many problems with Bernie, too. But who do you see that’s better, really?

            Klobuchar asked a staffer to do her dishes, so she’s out. Cory Booker defended a rapist, so he’s out. Biden is ancient and has ridiculous baggage. Who’s left? Kamala, and she will win the nomination but she’s not a serious candidate.


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