How I-Gen Are You?

This is something I’m reading for work. I discovered I’m not I-Gen at all, except for the support for gay marriage. What about you?

14 thoughts on “How I-Gen Are You?”

  1. 4/10. But it could be 2/10, because in questions 7 and 15 it’s not clear how “a lot” and “often” are defined.


  2. Who the heck is “Igen” supposed to refer to? It sounds like a marketing term for people addicted to iPhones.

    I’m 8/15 through 10/15.

    I only registered for a major party in 2016 but otherwise I don’t feel like I’ve had a home in either party. Truthfully I am burnt out on both parties Fight is not the word for the tons of conflict I had with my parents. I do not have a Snapchat account but I do have an Instagram account which has Instagram stories which are almost the same thing.


      1. “Am I the oldest person here? Because Iā€™m at 1.”

        You’re obviously older than I am — I scored a “7”! šŸ™‚


        1. Many of these things are also very American. Like, where would I find racial diversity in Ukrainian schools, even if I graduated high school yesterday?

          I also don’t get how people can text for an hour. This sounds extraordinarily boring. I’d kill anybody who tried texting me for a whole hour every day.


  3. I’m a six or a seven.

    What got me was the racial diversity question. I went to high school in a small town. There were a surprising number of Ukrainian students, but other than that, there wasn’t a lot of diversity. This tends to be fairly common in smaller towns.


  4. I have a 7 but maybe cheating a little since I marked y/no for 14 and 15 and combined them to 1 point

    as an occasional thing, why not? as a way of life…. not recommended
    I had some friends but tended toward lonerdom, and mostly was just waiting to get out of frickin’ high school which was not my kind of thing at all and filled with not my kind of people – it wasn’t until a few years later that I tried some community college courses that I realized that education could be really interesting and not just a bunch of busy work


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