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This week 114 kg of fentanyl were caught in an attempt to snuggle them through the US border. This single shipment could kill several million people. There was also a shitload of amphetamines in the same shipment. Mexico is now filled with labs that produce every possible synthetic drug in existence.

Folks, shouldn’t this story have been reported at least at the rate of the inane Covington confrontation? Almost nobody is even mentioning it. There is zero discussion. There is something seriously wrong with spending days on parsing a teenage smirk and paying zero attention to this story.

11 thoughts on “More on Drugs”

  1. I cannot comment on drugs since I know absolutely nothing about them except what you write here, and do not hear of similar problems in Israel to have as some point of reference to me.

    Re the inane Covington confrontation, I’ve just read Libby Anne’s post and was shocked by the disgusting photo of “a group of white Covington Catholic students yelling at a black basketball player on an opposing team, while wearing blackface.” Where are the teachers, trainers, chaperones, anybody? Surely the rich parents pay enough money to have at least one responsible adult somewhere, right?

    Despite the disgust, I still could not agree with some points fully and wanted to ask your opinion as an American.

    // I have a question: Why do we still have private schools that are for all intents and purposes all white, in areas that are not all white?

    Should such schools be forbidden or what? What about “all white” Jewish private schools?

    // I want a world where racial diversity is as important a factor in school choice as academic quality—a world where parents understand that sending your child to an all-white school will leave them unprepared for navigating an increasingly diverse society.

    I view academic quality as much more important than racial diversity, both for myself as a former student and hopefully for my future children. Of course, it is very different in Israel, but cannot imagine sending a child to a school with large class sizes full of students disrupting teachers because it is “more diverse.”

    I did not go into a very diverse school even by Israeli standards, but it did nothing to prevent me from “navigating an increasingly diverse society.” You were raised in Ukraine at all, yet also have no problem with diversity. If students see a good example from their parents, going to mainly white school should not hurt them.

    Also, if you send Clara to a Catholic school, won’t it be all white too? Are religious schools gender-segregated like in Israel? I went to a usual school and think studying with the opposite sex is an important, valuable experience.

    // The system is broken. But it’s worse than that: our goals aren’t even the same. I want my children to see the common humanity in those around them, to nurture compassion and love for others. Do Covington Catholic parents want that? Or are they more interested in raising children who can climb some sort of social ladder?

    I think many poor and minority parents wish to raise their children to “climb some sort of social ladder,” while concerns regarding diversity are restricted to a certain class of successful Liberals.

    Of course, nurturing compassion and becoming successful need not be contradictory goals.


    1. I know somebody who selects friends based on this kind of considerations. And doesn’t conceal it. She pointedly seeks out and befriends people of a wide variety of non-white ethnicities. Then she invites them to home parties, photographs them extensively, and posts them on FB in a way that showcases the diversity. This is a very smart, educated person but she’s guided by the same considerations as Libby Anne. Non-white people are objects of consumption that are useful for decorating a room and showing off as valuable acquisitions that testify to your class status.

      And no, I’d never consider a same gender school. They are a very bad idea and stunt development.


      1. Also, the readiness to outlaw things you don’t like is very interesting. For all her bragging, she didn’t overcome her parents’ conditioning at all. Outlaw, ban, burn heretics! It’s sad because she could have made something out of herself but instead she turned into a secular copy of her parents.


  2. Wanted to ask whether J.D. Vance’s Hillbilly Elegy can be discussed as a portrayal of American working class devastated by globalization and slipping down further and further. You said their parents traumatized them, but surely global forces also play a role, especially if their traumatized parents did live somewhat better lives themselves.

    What stood out to me was the story of a young man with a pregnant wife who lost a good job because of being late, taking too many breaks, etc. What is wrong with those people? Former generations of workers did manage to hold a job somehow despite dysfunctions. I read (on cliff’s blog? here?) that this situation is quite usual.


    1. To hold down a job, you need a reason, an organizing principle. When the only organizing principle you ever heard of is that gratifying every whim is paramount, then the job becomes nothing but a drag. Former generations would be driven by working class pride in a job well done, by the need to provide for the family, by male identity, by religion. This is all now dead. What’s left? What would drive him to show up?


  3. “This week 114 kg of fentanyl were caught in an attempt to snuggle them through the US border.”

    I’m familiar with this story because I saw it reported in detail on Fox News — not a single word about it on MSNBC, where during the same time period the “news panel” was eagerly concluding that the arrest of Trump staff underling Roger Stone proved that Trump was guilty of Russian collusion and therefore had to be impeached; or on CNN, where the staff spent 15 minutes ridiculing Trump Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee’s statement that “God wanted Donald Trump to become President.”


    1. These 8 suggestions were sponsored by the pharma industry to normalize addiction and get more lifelong customers. My blood boils when I see this kind of insidious stuff.


      1. Areya sure? They’re about prevention mostly. People get on drugs to kill pain and mostly emotional pain & also the isolation in corpse like towns, mobile homes. Somehow, these people need to get un-depressed. Otherwise they’re going to buy, I fear.


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