Bye-bye, Northam

Virginia’s governor posed in blackface next to a person dressed in a KKK hood. What is it with people thinking this is funny? And he wasn’t a kid, either. He was in med school, meaning very adult and supposedly not a total idiot. I mean, we now know he’s a total idiot but this is still ridiculous.

I used to love dress up Halloween parties in grad school but I can’t imagine seeing anybody in a KKK hood there and finding it entertaining. Blackface is something I didn’t know about until people explained on this blog because I’m from a different part of the world.


23 thoughts on “Bye-bye, Northam”

  1. Not that it makes any political difference, but have you seen a news source that specifically identifies Northam as the character in blackface and not in the KKK uniform? None of the sources I’ve seen so far (and they’re all over the news media) state that.

    Either way, incredibly stupid on his part — 1984 wasn’t that long ago as far as what was considered racially offensive.

    It’s surprising that opposition research didn’t find this back when he ran for lieutenant governor and then governor.

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    1. “It’s surprising that opposition research didn’t find this back when he ran for lieutenant governor and then governor.”

      Some wag just commented on another website that Northam’s Republican opponents actually had this picture back then, but didn’t use it because they were afraid that too many Republican voters would cross over to Northam. 🙂


  2. Y’know, I can understand people saying “this was 30 years ago, he has apologized, I can forgive him.” But I better not hear anything like that from people who attacked the Covington Catholic students, or who hounded Kevin Hart over 10 year old tweets. If I do, I’ll know they don’t give a damn about racism and only care about partisan politics.

    Recent events have been disappointing to me, as I liked Northam before and thought he seemed like a nice, genuine guy. This past week has demonstrated that he should never run for office again and should fade into obscurity.

    In happier news, Warren has apologized to the Cherokee Nation for the DNA test idiocy. “I am not a person of color. I am not a citizen of a tribe.”


    1. Turns out Northam ran on the platform of his opponent being racist. It’s hilarious.

      I don’t think he should resign over old photos. I think he should resign over “and then a discussion should ensue.” But that’s just me.


      1. Tucker says Northam will be kept comfortable while a discussion ensues over whether blackface is a private choice and should be between a politician and his donors. It’s funny.


        1. I think the writing is on the wall for Northam — MSNBC and CNN said virtually nothing about his remarks on late-term abortion, but both channels are covering this race issue nonstop.


    1. God. What a sick fuck.

      I had the same reaction when on Russian TV a father calmly admitted having sex with his underage daughters, the daughters were weeping and saying they don’t want to be raped any more and…. the entire audience condemned the daughters and said they must respect their father and it’s not a big deal. I couldn’t even begin to process it. It wasn’t just one pervert. The whole audience was on his side. “All kinds of things happen in families. It’s a family’s business what people do behind closed doors.”

      So yes, America is light years ahead of this casual barbarity.


  3. If Northam resigns, which is looking increasingly likely, lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax will take over and become Virginia’s first black governor. Too perfect.


  4. “I can’t imagine seeing anybody in a KKK hood there and finding it entertaining. Blackface”

    In some circumstances I could imagine it in the 1980s, I could totally see two really good friends (one black one white) going to a party where people know them (with the white guy in blackface and the black guy in the KKK hood) though I severely doubt that was the case here.


    Northam is now giving a televised news conference in which he denies that he is in the blackface/KKK picture in his school yearbook. He has determined that he wasn’t in the picture after all, after studying the face in the old photograph closely, and after talking overnight with several of his 1984 classmates, asking them if they ever remember him dressing like that.

    Hey, he was a 25-year-old adult mentally competent medical student back then, and he couldn’t remember whether he wore that costume until he asked around???

    If what he’s saying now is true, he clearly doesn’t have the mental capacity to be governor of any state!


  6. Looking on the bright side, at least Northam’s mess kept today’s cable TV news from being 100% Superbowl-related nonsense!


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