Maddow’s Xenophobia

Maddow has gone off the deep end completely. During the recent spell of extreme cold weather, she announced that Russians were going to sabotage power lines in Fargo, North Dakota and cause everybody there to die. There is obviously not a shred of proof that any Russians were trying to do anything like this.

That poor dumb cow.

Jokes aside, she’s inciting hatred against an ethnic group. This is Rwandan radio with its cockroaches theory. Say “evil Russians are coming to kill you” a hundred times a night, you might convince somebody to act. Is this idiot freak of nature thinking about that at all?

P.S. Some other dumb fuck on MSNBC accused Russians of the Kaepernick kneeling debacle. There is a clear mental health issue among these folks.

5 thoughts on “Maddow’s Xenophobia”

  1. You exaggerate.

    It’s true that Maddow is unwatchable, less for what she says than the way she says it: Grins like an maniac, keeps waving her hands up and down, and takes ten minutes to say what a competent cable news host would say in two minutes, repeating EVERY. SINGLE. POINT. at least four or five times, each time that she she raises her hands.

    But surely she never claimed that the Russians were actually going to kill everybody in the Northwest. Be honest, she presented this idea as a hypothetical or a threat, while she was reading from a static image of printed text on the screen (and left it on screen for an eternal two or three minutes, while all of her viewers with normal reading comprehension had scanned it silently in 15 seconds).

    I’m old enough to remember when Rachel Maddow and Tucker Carlson first appeared on television. Never mind their opinions back then: There was a time when they both acted like calm adults, quietly and unemotionally stating their respective liberal and conservative viewpoints. Now they’re acting like the world has gone mad, and swept them up along with it.


    1. She framed it as a hypothetical. What if Russians decided to wipe out the Midwest, well, they easily could because Trump is helping them.

      Would it have been OK to say this exact same thing during the Obama years and using the word Muslims and Obama instead of Russians and Trump? Maddow herself would have a conniption on air for a year if anybody did that.


  2. (Read with a thick Russian accent. 🙂 ) There is a Russian saying “the fish rots starting from the head”. Usually “the head” is interpreted as the “ruling group”, but perhaps one should think of our collective mental space instead?


    1. Maddow IS the mouthpiece of the ruling group. This is what the ruling group wants us to discuss while it’s robbing us blind.

      I have friends, intelligent, educated people, who watch Maddow and take her seriously. And I can’t bear to look at them afterwards I’m so disgusted.


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