No Coffee in Jail

In the car, Klara says, “You have to drive carefully, Mommy. Because if you hit a person, police will come, and they will put you in jail. There’s no coffee in jail! You won’t like that!”

We are not introducing the concept of jail at home, so she must have picked it up at school. I’m starting to wonder about her classmates’ families.

4 thoughts on “No Coffee in Jail”

  1. Oy… I have three of them who have done this! The older two learned how to read the speedometer and gauge that against speed limit signs. The crazy thing is that I rarely go more than 5mph above what is posted! But if they notice me going one mile an hour over the speed limit, there’s a little voice from the back, “Mommy, you’re speeding!” Luckily, my husband and I have told them many times to knock it off, and for the most part they have. Our four-year-old, though, still starts in with the “How fast are you going?” and “Mommy, are you going to get arrested?” a good deal. He very much has it in his head that if the police “catch” you, you’ll go to jail.


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