Another Victory for Neoliberal Mentality

Finally, people have a great excuse to justify midlife-crisis divorces. Trump made them do it!

The linked post sounds funny, especially since the author is so utterly clueless. But at the end it gets scary:

Now that I’m in the new apartment, although it is much smaller than the house we shared and I don’t see my kids quite as much, I have felt my anger, annoyance, and shame dissipate. And that’s better for everybody. I am happier now that I no longer share a bed and a life with someone whose beliefs are so contrary to mine.

This horrible person doesn’t even care that she sees her own three kids a lot less as long as she can self-actualize by marching with stupid anti-Trump slogans:

When I stepped into the streets with my sign and started chanting, I knew that I could live with myself a little bit better. Because now when I continue the resistance, I’m no longer going home to the opposition. And that feels great.

There is not a shadow of concern in this evil freak’s mind how her children will feel when they read this screed and discover that mommy prefers to chant in the streets to going home to them.

And this is exactly what I keep saying about the neoliberal mentality. Nothing can stand in the way of a person’s whim. It’s ok to shit all over a husband of 25 years and 3 kids if it currently pleases you to do so. These people truly scare me.

Is It True Nobody Cares?

Everybody says that academic work is irrelevant because we work with obscure, boring stuff that nobody cares about. I’m not seeing that at all, though. Here is a list of people who read my work on just one website, within the past couple of days:

I’ve seen people from the most unexpected places read my stuff. The website shows you what exactly they read and how many pages, and it’s really cool to see somebody in Lebanon read my book on the female Bildunsgroman or somebody from UAE reading the recent article on Rosa Montero.

And this is just one website. I’m glad it exists because how else would people from Tanzania and Mongolia (to name some recent example) get access to this stuff? I’m sure it’s not in their libraries.