Big City Business

People in big cities are better at doing business than folks in small towns. Obviously, because they have more competition.

Take the kids’ gym. Our kids’ gym is great. We go there all the time. But the one we visited in Montreal is at a different level. First of all, it serves coffee. Put a coffee maker anywhere moms congregate, and you’ll make a killing. There are also snacks and even lunch boxes for kids. If you have kids, then you know the depths of painful, slavish gratitude parents experience when anybody solves the issue of snacks for them. I get tachycardia whenever I hear the word snacks because they are a bane of my existence.

The local kids’ gym has none of these wonderful attractions. We still go because there are no choices. But when the weather is nice, the gym is empty and losing business because there are no added perks. You could easily lure people in if you offered classes or organized activities that allow parents to veg out in the corner with their coffee. A half hour of not having to entertain is priceless to a parent.

4 thoughts on “Big City Business”

  1. My guess is the local gym is barely profitable, and without competition, there’s neither resources nor incentives to offer additional benefits. Obesity is an issue in that area of the country. I’m surprised the University doesn’t offer something.


    1. The university offers Kindermusic, but it’s quite expensive and only works with a certain kind of kids. Klara refused to go since she was 2 because she’s not into sitting quietly and following orders.


        1. Exactly! They have a problem in the program in that it doesn’t change a lot from what they do for infants. But kids change a lot. You just can’t do the same kind of stuff at 8 months and 38 months.

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