Jilani Is Right

A really great journalist called Zaid Jilani said on Tucker yesterday that one in 3 black children in Virginia live in poverty but that’s not a national crisis while some stupid yearbook photos from God knows when are a big deal. Gillibrand worked as a lawyer for the tobacco industry when they were sued for killing people. Yet she’s posturing all over the place about the Northam photo.

I don’t care about Northam but the hypocrisy is ridiculous.

2 thoughts on “Jilani Is Right”

  1. Under neoliberal capitalism, poverty is not considered a problem because it’s an implicit result of the system. But under this same system, if you said the wrong thing 20 years ago, you deserve to be fired and end up poor and homeless.

    By the way, some people like to call Jilani, a left-wing journalist, a racist because he doesn’t play the identity politics game.


  2. “Under neoliberal capitalism, poverty is not considered a problem ”

    Neoliberalism requires poverty for a number of reasons. the increase of homelessness in the US post Reagan is not a problem to neoliberals, it’s necessary for the system to function.

    What has Nancy Pelosi done to alleviate the homelessness crisis afflicting her district?


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