Tulsi Putina

Oh, so now Tulsi Gabbard is the Russian spy did jour at MSNBC? I’m loving this.

4 thoughts on “Tulsi Putina”

  1. RT has praised Tulsi Gabbard for her leftist foreign policy views such as advocating dialogue with Syrian dictator Assad, opposing U.S. support of Guaido in Venezuela, and calling Trump “Saudi Arabia’s bitch.” So in MSNBC’s eyes, that makes her a Russian agent.

    Didn’t the hosts at MSNBC used to hold essentially these same views??


    1. They still do. These are the official liberal positions. I don’t know why they are so afraid of her. She’s utterly unknown nationally and doesn’t stand a chance. She hasn’t even learned to Instagram her rants about how “matching pijamas are key to productivity”, like serious politicians do.


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