I saw a snippet from yesterday’s State of the Union where AOC is jumping up and chanting “USA! USA!” in approval of something Trump said before realizing the danger and stopping. A day will come when she’ll pray that her followers don’t see this video because it’s extremely easy to accuse her of being a Nazi based on it. I mean, it’s extremely easy to accuse anybody of being a Nazi these days, but mimicking one of the favorite chants of the MAGA crowd to express agreement with something Trump said is really dangerous.

This craziness will end one day but not before devouring its most ardent fanatics.

Dumbazoids on the March

Russia was able to influence our election because they figured out that racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, and transphobia are America’s Achilles heel. These issues aren’t only civil rights — they’re also a matter of national security. We have to deal with that.

— Kamala Harris (@KamalaHarris) February 6, 2019

So which one is Bernie Sanders, one of the two candidates that the Russian bots promoted? Is he a sexist or a homophobe? Oh, I know, he must be a big old anti-Semite.

It’s not possible to write a smart tweet. People who already aren’t very smart sound like complete idiots on Twitter.

More Scandal in Virginia

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring acknowledged Wednesday that he put on dark makeup and wore a wig while an undergraduate of the University of Virginia in 1980, becoming the second statewide official here in the last week to admit imitating an African-American and sending an already-stunned state capitol reeling. Mr. Herring released a statement saying that he dressed like the rapper Kurtis Blow, an acknowledgment that deepens the crisis in the state’s Democratic Party.

A very sincere, good-faith question. I admire Beyonce and love her art. But it would not be OK for me to dress up as her for a party or on Halloween to show admiration, right? Or it would be OK as long as I didn’t try to look darker-skinned?

It’s perfectly fine with me if it’s not OK. I just want to know.


A link to a recent article on the TPS immigration program. I’m interested in the TPS because it plays a role in a novel by CM that I’m writing about. The protagonist is a former guerrilla fighter turned an assassin for a drug cartel who enters the US on a TPS visa.

But leaving aside my CM insanity, this is information that everybody can find useful.

Unexpected Energy Sources

That’s why I keep saying, look for new sources of psychological energy. You can find them in the most unexpected places if you let yourself notice what the real you, and not the version you think you should be, enjoys.

It can be absolutely anything. Twenty years ago, I derived enormous supplies of psychic energy from the paper napkins at a certain location of the Van Houtte coffee shop chain. I would clutch a napkin, and it would make me feel goooood. It was like plugging into a source of energy right there.

Ideally, you make a list of these little energy-giving activities, and then whenever you feel depleted just go through the list and get recharged. These are supposed to be easily accessible activities that you can do any time. A vacation in the Caribbean or a stroll through Madrid would have an enormous effect, but you can’t do that often enough for it to be a reliable energy source.

Car Dealerships and Mental Health

There must be a reason why I feel so profoundly at peace and that everything is right with the world while sitting in car dealerships. There’s no spa, no library, and no coffee shop where I feel so zen. The only other experience that can compare in the degree of calm well-being it gives me is driving past gas stations at night.

Airports, on the other hand, turn me into a basket case. So it’s not about the allure of going places.

More Moya

Castellanos Moya’s novels definitely have to be read as a corpus. If you trace how violence intensifies throughout the Salvadoran history, it will blow your mind. When the writer describes the political struggles of the 1940s, they seem so quaint and courteous compared to what came later.

Then in the early eighties, when the civil war began, the brutality is absolutely ridiculous. But at least there are some people who kind of believe in something good and think they are fighting for justice.

And then you get to 2010, and it gets even worse because former idealists are now fighting to enrich the drug cartels, and the violence is not even a little bit political any more. Nobody is trying to make a better polis. Nobody even thinks about it. It’s all dead.

I know everybody must be tired of my paeans to Castellanos Moya, but I spend hours every day reading his work, thinking about it, and writing about it.