More Scandal in Virginia

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring acknowledged Wednesday that he put on dark makeup and wore a wig while an undergraduate of the University of Virginia in 1980, becoming the second statewide official here in the last week to admit imitating an African-American and sending an already-stunned state capitol reeling. Mr. Herring released a statement saying that he dressed like the rapper Kurtis Blow, an acknowledgment that deepens the crisis in the state’s Democratic Party.

A very sincere, good-faith question. I admire Beyonce and love her art. But it would not be OK for me to dress up as her for a party or on Halloween to show admiration, right? Or it would be OK as long as I didn’t try to look darker-skinned?

It’s perfectly fine with me if it’s not OK. I just want to know.


17 thoughts on “More Scandal in Virginia”

  1. It’s fine to dress as her, just don’t darken your skin.

    I find it hilarious that this guy told Northam to resign just days earlier. Anyway, it’s clear that every white Virginian around their age has something like this in their past, so if Northam needs to resign, than so does almost everyone in Virginia government.


  2. I’m pretty sure that this would not be OK, regardless of whether or not you darkened your skin. Your costume would probably be seen as the equivalent of a caricature of a successful woman of color, and you’d be seen as belittling her and mocking her. And remember the SJW code: your (good) intentions do not matter.

    And this is where the SJW perspective begins to resemble the ideology of white supremacy and the KKK. For example, if you’re a white person who wears dreadlocks, then you’re an evil racist. It doesn’t matter if you actually like the hairstyle. Guess who else is likely opposed to white people wearing dreadlocks? The KKK and neo-Nazis. It’s the same perspective: stay in your lane, don’t adopt/appropriate the cultural styles of other races, don’t mix (with other) cultures, etc.

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    1. OK, thank you, this is a great explanation. This is all tending towards effective segregation that’s enforced not by the government but by public opinion and hounding campaigns by volunteers. It’s so easy to offend, the codes are so complex and fluid that I don’t know what conclusion one can reach other than that the best course of action is not to engage at all.


      1. The safe side is not to imitate even in emulation, admiration, etc. There are even reasons why this isn’t silly.

        The silly side is campaigns like the one that hounded those white girls out of making tortillas in Portland, OR.


  3. “an undergraduate of the University of Virginia in 1980”

    We’re entering cultural revolution stages of demented here (minus the killings and re-education camps).
    A dumb joke as an undergraduate can come back and bit you in the ass 39 years later and democrats and progressives are mostly okay with that….


    1. If a vague comment in a high school yearbook that might be interpreted in some way or other is cause for unhinged and hysterical condemnation 40 years later, then why not an actual picture? Once you cross that line – even if it seems to be in service of a good cause – you can’t go back. That’s precisely why I made such a big deal out of the Kavanaugh yearbooks back in August. This was setting a new frontier and it was going to affect everybody. And now it is.


    2. In 1980 this is something you would have done with racist intent, not as a dumb joke. The issue had been widely discussed by then. And it means being in an organization where these things were done, etc., etc. — it does say a lot about the circles from which you sprang.


  4. The farce in Virginia is beyond amusing!!

    If all three tainted Democratic characters (Gov. Northam, Lt. Gov. Fairfax, and Attorney General Herring) are forced to resign, the governor’s office will be assumed by Virginia’s House of Delegates Speaker Kirk Cox, who is a Republican.

    You can’t make this stuff up! 🙂


  5. I think Spiked gets it right:

    I’m sure that Herring was an insufferable entitled prick and could easily have had racist motivations 38 years ago. I don’t care about that. I think the only valid criteria for judging his public record is his public record (and I have know idea what it is but if people had real concerns then they probably would have shown up by now).


    1. People are clearly overcompensating. They are uncomfortable with race, uncomfortable around black people, and very afraid that this discomfort will show. So they stage public denunciations of these photos as a way of staving off the accusations that they feel are coming their way. It isn’t Northam they condemn. It’s their own racial discomfort.


  6. A comment from somewhere else (paraphrasing) this original Northram scandal was probably jacked up to distract people from him talking so casually about mother ordered infanticide, and like most SJW outrages quickly snowballed out of control…


    1. The believe-women crowd is still managing not to notice the allegations against Fairfax. The story is weird but they have been known to pounce on much weirder stories. .


      1. “The believe-women crowd is still managing not to notice the allegations against Fairfax”

        The outrage merchants are also careful to not pay attention to the young black men who’ve died in the house of Ed Buck (prominent dem donor)…


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