Unexpected Energy Sources

That’s why I keep saying, look for new sources of psychological energy. You can find them in the most unexpected places if you let yourself notice what the real you, and not the version you think you should be, enjoys.

It can be absolutely anything. Twenty years ago, I derived enormous supplies of psychic energy from the paper napkins at a certain location of the Van Houtte coffee shop chain. I would clutch a napkin, and it would make me feel goooood. It was like plugging into a source of energy right there.

Ideally, you make a list of these little energy-giving activities, and then whenever you feel depleted just go through the list and get recharged. These are supposed to be easily accessible activities that you can do any time. A vacation in the Caribbean or a stroll through Madrid would have an enormous effect, but you can’t do that often enough for it to be a reliable energy source.


3 thoughts on “Unexpected Energy Sources”

  1. I know what you mean. I find almond scented soaps to be wonderfully energizing. I used to buy an almond scented dish detergent, but that was discontinued. Now I have an almond scented shower gel. Lots of stores have almond scented bar soaps and I often stop to smell them, but I never buy them because they somehow seem too fancy. I should probably get over that and just buy one.


  2. Farm work. Not gardening, which is somewhat OK, but agricultural work. In a group and not in own yard. I would not have dreamed this would be so great.


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