Native People

Blooper number one million five hundred eighteen from AOC:

“We are standing on native land. And Latino people are descendants of native people. We can’t be criminalized simply for our identity and our status.”

All the “native people” look the same to her, I guess.

More Blackface in Virginia

And now the Senate majority leader in Virginia, this time a Republican, is involved in a blackface scandal of his own.

If this were a TV show, nobody would believe this plot line because it sounds like to much of a stretch.

Will Virginia be able to find any politician, hell, any citizen at all who is scandal free?

Let’s Shoot Them

We came home the other day and couldn’t get in the driveway because there was a big truck from the power company that’s still trying to fix the electricity that AT&T messed up. I explained to Klara that we had to park outside until the nice gentlemen finished their work.

“Let’s just shoot them, mommy,” she suggested brightly.

“What??” I asked dumbly.

“When people get in our way, we can just shoot them, right?”

Since then, it was “let’s shoot them” all the time.

“Mommy, let’s play that mean guys got into our house and we shoot them!”

“No, I don’t want to play that. Let’s play babies instead.”

“OK! And then mean guys try to hurt our babies and we shoot them!”

Obviously, we didn’t introduce the subject of shooting at home. We don’t read books about shooting to her, and she doesn’t watch TV. I’m starting to wonder who at school is sharing the information about mean guys, jail, and shooting people. It’s definitely not the approach to life I’m trying to foster.

It’s getting creepy because I say, “No, you can’t take the fish out with your fingers. It’s against the rules. You have to use the fishing rod.” And she looks all scared and says, “Are the policemen going to come and take me to jail, mommy?” Again, I want everybody to understand that it’s not part of our parenting strategy to scare a child with threats about policemen coming if she breaks the rules. My narrative when we see a police car is that the police are on their way to help somebody who is in trouble.


Pelosi shat on AOC the other day. I actually have a newfound respect for Pelosi these days. Not because she shat on AOC (although it’s not hurting) but because I discovered yesterday that she had 5 kids in 6 years. That is absolutely amazing, and I can’t feel anything but the most profound admiration for her.

Get a Room

There was a terrible fire in a residential building in Moscow. A family with small disabled children died.

Who’s to blame? Americans.

Why Americans? Because they broke the ceiling. The fire spread so fast because Americans broke the ceiling.

Why did Americans break the ceiling? And why did Russians conduct a disinformation campaign since 2002 to convince Americans to welcome an invasion into the US and motivate John Birchers to persecute black people? (For those who aren’t fans, it’s a theory recently advanced on MSNBC). Because they are evil, that’s why.

It’s like one of those situations where you have a couple at work that’s madly in love but for some reason isn’t managing to hook up. And they create insane drama, accusing each other of all sorts of ridiculous things while everybody else goes, “oh, just get a room already, you fools, and leave us out of it.”


Whoever stands up right now and says, “Folks, the yearbook investigations and Twitter outrage farms have gone too far. We all need to stop because it’s driving us all crazy” will win the election.

As we saw in 2016, people are desperate to hear somebody speak out against the PC culture. Everybody is sick to death of it and is waiting for a champion. There is a big opportunity right now for a person lucid enough to see it. Will it once again have to be Trump or is somebody on our side going to wake up already?

What It’s About

I did something extremely idiotic that cost us a shitload of money. I feel so stupid. But there wasn’t a word, a look or a sigh of reproach from N. He realized I was suffering and feeling very guilty, and didn’t try to make me feel worse.

This is what it’s about, folks. It’s not about stupid voting or having the same hobbies.

It’s about having somebody in your life who understands that sometimes you are a massive screwup, and accepts it, and helps you deal with the consequences without a pointed sigh or a martyred look. It’s about the great relief of having chosen once and for all and not having to choose any more. It’s about having a place where you are accepted by default because you can’t be swapped for a better, more convenient model.

I don’t screw up often but when I do, I go all out.