Get a Room

There was a terrible fire in a residential building in Moscow. A family with small disabled children died.

Who’s to blame? Americans.

Why Americans? Because they broke the ceiling. The fire spread so fast because Americans broke the ceiling.

Why did Americans break the ceiling? And why did Russians conduct a disinformation campaign since 2002 to convince Americans to welcome an invasion into the US and motivate John Birchers to persecute black people? (For those who aren’t fans, it’s a theory recently advanced on MSNBC). Because they are evil, that’s why.

It’s like one of those situations where you have a couple at work that’s madly in love but for some reason isn’t managing to hook up. And they create insane drama, accusing each other of all sorts of ridiculous things while everybody else goes, “oh, just get a room already, you fools, and leave us out of it.”

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