Let’s Shoot Them

We came home the other day and couldn’t get in the driveway because there was a big truck from the power company that’s still trying to fix the electricity that AT&T messed up. I explained to Klara that we had to park outside until the nice gentlemen finished their work.

“Let’s just shoot them, mommy,” she suggested brightly.

“What??” I asked dumbly.

“When people get in our way, we can just shoot them, right?”

Since then, it was “let’s shoot them” all the time.

“Mommy, let’s play that mean guys got into our house and we shoot them!”

“No, I don’t want to play that. Let’s play babies instead.”

“OK! And then mean guys try to hurt our babies and we shoot them!”

Obviously, we didn’t introduce the subject of shooting at home. We don’t read books about shooting to her, and she doesn’t watch TV. I’m starting to wonder who at school is sharing the information about mean guys, jail, and shooting people. It’s definitely not the approach to life I’m trying to foster.

It’s getting creepy because I say, “No, you can’t take the fish out with your fingers. It’s against the rules. You have to use the fishing rod.” And she looks all scared and says, “Are the policemen going to come and take me to jail, mommy?” Again, I want everybody to understand that it’s not part of our parenting strategy to scare a child with threats about policemen coming if she breaks the rules. My narrative when we see a police car is that the police are on their way to help somebody who is in trouble.

10 thoughts on “Let’s Shoot Them”

  1. « Right now, a Ukrainian mother’s daughter in the American Midwest is induced to shoot people by the Russian-Trump alt-right propaganda. » ——————————- Rachel Maddow



  2. Since it’s not coming from home, and it’s probably not coming from her teachers, I’d assume it’s coming from some of the other kids at her daycare.


  3. Is “cops and robbers” still a playground game? :-p :-p

    They might not allow toy guns but you can’t really ban finger guns, no matter how cheesy.


    1. I lost my car key. The car was bought used so there’s no spare. I had to order a new key and get the car towed 40 miles to the dealership to get the new keys programmed. The whole thing took days and cost a packet.

      So today I’m putting Klara in the car and she says, in the voice of the girl from the movie The Ring, “Is this what you were looking for, mommy?” And gives me my lost car key.

      That was hardcore.


  4. Actually, schoolchildren have been suspended from school for pointing finger guns or drawing gun-like doodles on their papers.

    School supervisors and principals who used to be expected to exercise adult judgment have embraced rigid “zero-tolerance” rules, because now they can simply say to parents, “I didn’t have any choice…”


  5. “Let’s just shoot them, mommy”

    Well… their is a certain elegant simplicity to that approach….

    It sounds to me totally like something she’s getting either from peers (and/or older siblings of peers since “Let’s freak out and scare the slightly younger children!” is a pretty common pastime.


  6. It’s remarkable how much Star Wars knowledge my kids picked up from preschool. (I have nothing against Star Wars, but we did not – yet – do anything Star Wars related at home and I’m guessing it wasn’t on the preschool curriculum either 😉 )


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