More Blackface in Virginia

And now the Senate majority leader in Virginia, this time a Republican, is involved in a blackface scandal of his own.

If this were a TV show, nobody would believe this plot line because it sounds like to much of a stretch.

Will Virginia be able to find any politician, hell, any citizen at all who is scandal free?

4 thoughts on “More Blackface in Virginia”

  1. This is Virginia, so I just assume any white person above a certain age has some shady racist stuff in their past. It’s best just not to think about it too much.


  2. I grew up and did my undergrad in Virginia, though I am a little younger than the politicians involved in these scandals. I definitely witnessed plenty of racism there in the 70s,80s, and early 90s, though I never saw anyone in black face. I do think the culture in the 80s and 90s was one of looking away and ignoring racism. If someone said something racist, you just changed the subject and pretended you hadn’t heard it, even though you knew it was wrong.


  3. I’m beginning to wonder if all this ISN’T actually part of a collective or universal Social Engineering ploy.
    Events and accounts seem too scripted to be credible in their own right.


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