Whoever stands up right now and says, “Folks, the yearbook investigations and Twitter outrage farms have gone too far. We all need to stop because it’s driving us all crazy” will win the election.

As we saw in 2016, people are desperate to hear somebody speak out against the PC culture. Everybody is sick to death of it and is waiting for a champion. There is a big opportunity right now for a person lucid enough to see it. Will it once again have to be Trump or is somebody on our side going to wake up already?

4 thoughts on “Opportunity”

    1. I’m still hopeful. Everybody is fed up with this. It would be so easy to score points. Kamala could easily do it because she’s a non-white woman, and it will be accepted easier by the base if it comes from her.


  1. “people are desperate to hear somebody speak out against the PC culture”

    It’s part and parcel of the neoliberal consensus and people are as sick of it as they are of trickle down economics and endless foreign wars…


    1. That association sounds plausible.

      I was going to say, it’s a difficult thing to stop because it’s so easy to do now. Choose your enemy, investigate their life, find the worst thing you can, and release it to the public sphere. In theory, anyone can do it. So speaking out against it could be like speaking out against any reprehensible thing that is easy to do – it could be a full-time job that never ends.

      So how could it nonetheless end? One way would be for people to stop disapproving of the sins that are held up as worthy of condemnation. Another way would be to identify a particular class of people and institutions as the main culprits, and politically and culturally defeat them. Another way would be for that class of people and institutions to achieve victory themselves, so that they are no longer motivated to employ this political tool. And yet another way, would be for some more important and unavoidable issue to enter the scene, that makes it impossible to spare the time and energy needed to engage in PC witchhunts, or to care about them.

      Many people compare PC culture to the Chinese cultural revolution. So how did that end? I’d like to know that history better, but it seems to have faded out over a series of years, in which other things, like the deaths of Lin Biao and Mao Zedong, were important milestones. Which is where the association of PC culture with ‘the neoliberal consensus’ comes in. That consensus is obviously under pressure from multiple directions. So perhaps PC will fade out as just one casualty of the larger struggle to defeat neoliberalism.


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