Pelosi shat on AOC the other day. I actually have a newfound respect for Pelosi these days. Not because she shat on AOC (although it’s not hurting) but because I discovered yesterday that she had 5 kids in 6 years. That is absolutely amazing, and I can’t feel anything but the most profound admiration for her.

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  1. “Pelosi shat on AOC the other day. ”

    Well, my God, have you read the details of AOC’s “New Green Deal” that she just released??
    Among other things, the deal calls for:

    Upgrading “all existing buildings” in America for energy efficiency

    Working with farmers “to eliminate pollution and greenhouse gas emissions” and promote “universal access to healthy food” (which means getting rid of cows who belch methane into the atmosphere and are also a source of unhealthy red meat)

    Expanding high-speed rail to “a scale where air travel stops being necessary” (Airplanes produces tons of CO2 and no one believes that electric airliners are possible.)

    A guaranteed job “with a family-sustaining wage, adequate family and medical leave, paid vacations and retirement security for every American

    And of course, “high-quality health care” for everyone

    Some activist Democrats are gloating that “Republicans are scared to death of AOC.” Are they kidding? We LOVE her, and hope that the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate includes all of her ideas in their party platform. 🙂 -:)


    1. No one is surprised that presidential candidates Warren, Harris, Gillibrand, and Corker all immediately endorsed this plan — but Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey, who is a 72-year-old adult and has been in the House or Senate since 1976 should be ashamed of himself for co-sponsoring such childish idiocy.


    2. Oh, I can’t wait for the time when air travel becomes unnecessary and I can finally take a train to Madrid.

      I’m starting to think she was hired by the Russians to make Americans look like total idiots.


    3. So Dreidel, as somebody who’s been following the US politics for a half a century longer than I have (I only started getting interested 6 or 7 years ago), can you answer a question for me. Has it always been this nuts? With uneducated, really dumb kids running around promising to abolish air travel and being massively celebrated for it? And there being scandals, investigations, spy plots, and all this insane stuff we are seeing every day? Is this new or is this just normal?


            1. Yeah, they have really out-Trumped Trump on this one. It’s like they are trying to make him look moderate and reasonable, especially right after the state of the union address that 80% of Americans liked.

              I’m thinking maybe AOC isn’t that dumb and wants Trump to get reelected to ease her own run for president in 2024.


      1. “Has it always been this nuts?”

        NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never anywhere near this crazy!

        From a political standpoint, the two most astounding days in my long memory were on November 8, 2016, when Donald Trump was actually elected president —

        And today, when the so-called adults in the Democratic Party found it necessary to pretend to embrace such transparently childish, pulp 1950’s science-fiction nonsense as this “New Green Deal.” I don’t get amazed at much anymore, but today was stunning.

        The Democrats don’t need to worry about whether billionaire Howard Schultz runs as an independent in 2020. If they continue on their present course, they won’t need his help — or anybody else’s — to get Trump re-elected in a landslide.


        1. Even Trump, with all his issues, never went to these extremes. And the scariest part is that the people around me are excited about this New Green Fantasy. Educated, intelligent people with PhDs are taking this insanity seriously. What can we expect from the less intellectually fortunate, then?

          I’m really afraid people will go and vote for these maniacs. How come this isn’t being ridiculed on every comedy show? What’s wrong with people?

          Every day I discover that yes, it is possible to be even more embarrassed of my side than I was the day before.


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