A Scary Stat

I’m still reading the stuff for my pedagogy workshop and I saw a stat that really blew my mind. What percentage of men in their twenties and without college degrees have not worked at all for a year or more?

One in four. One. In. Four.

That’s really scary, folks. Men in their twenties were always the group that was most reliably employed.

13 thoughts on “A Scary Stat”

  1. Not for awhile, and the percentage is much higher among Blacks.

    It makes sense in a perverse way. If you’re running a McDonalds, who would you rather hire, an uneducated 21 year old or a 70 year old who needs to supplement Social Security? That’s the reality.

    Since corporations generally won’t hire anyone over 50, with layoffs you find the younger uneducated and the older educated competing for the same minimum wage jobs. Rather sick, isn’t it? You can spend 40 years with a corporation and find that the $1,440 monthly Social Security check won’t cut it. For a lot of people, the gross amount is smaller, and then there’s the $200 take out each month for Medicare Part B. Try running your households on a budget of $1,200 per month.


    1. I personally would hire a 70-year-old, hands down. The work ethic will be amazing, so it’s a clear choice. In this country, people in the 60+ age range are absolutely the most hard-working, intelligent, curious and fun to work with. This is just my experience.


        1. “It’s that they aren’t looking”

          As you pointed out in another comment, the traditional forces that propel young men to look for work (performance of masculinity, religious work ethic, wish to provide for a family, just the feeling of not being a loser) have evaporated. So…. why bother?


    2. “the younger uneducated and the older educated competing for the same minimum wage jobs”

      And both of those are competing with immigrants who’ll do the same job for far less and will never bother you with pesky ideas like ’employee rights’


  2. Hey, Medicare Part B is means-tested, so some of us are paying over $450 a month for the “entitlement” program that we paid into every month of our adult working lives. Paying a lot more now is the reward that we get for paying a lot more into the system back then. (It reminds me of that old definition of divorce: “the screwing you get for the screwing you got.”)

    At least, Social Security is somewhat more fair: The amount you paid in during your working years determines the amount your receive now — minus the hiked-up Medicare premiums, of course.

    Disclaimer: I’m not really complaining, just mouthing off. The government in this country has been VERY good to me all my life, and if it wants to take most of my loot back when I die, it deserves it as much as anybody.


  3. Why this sudden concern for young men? Anytime this issue was raised in the past the feminist crowd would go berserk and shut down any attempt to discuss this issue rationally


    1. I’m from Ukraine. Our feminism is different and is based on the idea that there is no well-being for women that doesn’t include well-being for men. And vice versa. The system needs to work for everybody or there’s something wrong with it. You probably missed my posts on fathers’ rights if you don’t know this about me. 🙂


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