Teens Today

So you know how we constantly hear that today’s teenagers are overscheduled with extracurricular activities and overburdened with homework because college entrance is harder and there’s social anxiety pushing them to succeed?

Well, it’s all a myth. Today’s teenagers actually spend a bit less time on homework, the same as amount on extracurriculars and dramatically less time working for pay than their peers 30 years ago.

For example, high school seniors heading to college in 2015 spent 4 hours less per week on homework, paid work and extracurriculars than their peers in 1987.

2 thoughts on “Teens Today”

  1. College entrance isn’t harder overall, just at certain fancy schools where you really have to stand out. I just got in based on grades/scores. Now you have to have a whole lot more, including things only people who go to very privileged schools can have, and either very fancy extracurriculars or a very dramatic story of an odds-defying underdog. Could I have gotten in? I had very good grades and scores, spoke 3 foreign languages, had lived abroad in 2 countries, and had taken 3 college courses in HS. Maybe that’s enough but somehow it seems thin, when I look at the kinds of things they want now. But there are all these lesser schools, still good or adequate, that take almost all applicants.


    1. We are the lesser school that takes everybody (and I have no beef with that given where we are located), so our workshop is concentrating on our kind of students. There is way too much attention being paid to kids in ultra privileged schools as if they were the definition of what a student is.


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