Still No Trickle

A headline in the perennially clueless NYTimes:

#MeToo Paradox: Movement Topples the Powerful, Not the Ordinary

Finally, these idiots are discovering that the concerns of aging Hollywood actresses are utterly alien to us, the “ordinary” folks.

Other than appreciative exclamations from construction workers (which I actually like because I don’t think construction workers are lesser beings and need to keep their eyes on the ground) and an occasional compliment at the store or at the bus stop (which I also like), I have encountered no sexual harassment in this country. Compared to other regions where I lived or visited, this is a veritable paradise for women where men en más de are extremely courteous, helpful, and respectful. So all of this incessant blabber about the suffering of the very rich women we’ve had to endure for two years has nothing to do with my life or that of any women I know.

2 thoughts on “Still No Trickle”

  1. Most harassment and abuse in my (indirect) experience occurs in the restaurant, hospitality, and other low-wage industries. There is some harassment certainly in other areas, but these days in white-collar jobs a lot of what is called harassment is just people with poor social skills on both sides.

    And the harassment in those mentioned industries and other low-wage work is truly bad, some almost unbelievable. But it won’t get a lot of air time nor see much improvement because most of the #metoo coterie will just say, “Well, they should’ve gone to college!”


    1. All work advice from mainstream media assumes that you work in an office, and this applies to sexual harassment advice as well. I always see suggestions like “go to HR,” but there’s never been a “human resources department” anywhere I’ve worked. If you work for a chain maybe there’s some corporate office you can contact, but if you’re at a small independently owned business? You’re probably entirely at the mercy of your boss. Increased unionization would do more to help with this issue than anything the #metoo movement has done.


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