I was putting Klara to bed, and it seemed like she was almost asleep when all of a sudden she started reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. She recited the whole thing! I had no idea she knew it, so I started laughing maniacally and woke her up completely.

Moral of the story: don’t mock a patriot.

P.S. And then she refused ridiculed me when I tried to repeat the pledge and accidentally said “country” instead of “nation” and “freedom” instead of “liberty.”

Buying Always Wins

I saw Julia Beck (the Baltimore lesbian persecuted for denouncing the prison rapist who claimed to be trans) on TV. She says eminently reasonable things that were utterly uncontroversial five-six years ago. Being a woman, she says, is about the physiological reality of a female body. (And not about buying stuff, I might add.)

She also said that, in the acronym LGBT, there is an internal contradiction. L, G, and B are grounded in biological reality. And T is not. (And once again, I need to add that the T is wiping out the L precisely because the L isn’t grounded in buying. And buying always wins).

I saw Beck on Tucker. Did Rachel Maddow support a lesbian sister, does anybody know? Or is the sisterhood being supported on major networks solely by Tucker?

The Hubris of the Incompetent

The same people who can’t keep track of their own paperwork and who publish a document about farting cows “by mistake” are promising to rebuild every building, get rid of fossil fuels and solve every problem of every minority in ten years.

I mean, they can’t upload a file to a website – a task most 6-year-olds accomplish with ease. But the planet is completely safe in their hands. No doubt about that.

What’s really sad is that so much time is being wasted on childish, attention-seeking pranks of a bunch of overgrown, pouty snowflakes.

P.S. Well, at least AOC and her GND have inspired Kevin Williamson to do some of his best writing, so it’s not all a total waste.

Social Approval

God, I love Americans. Even though today I say it with a bit of sarcasm.

I’ve lived in this town for ten years. Didn’t manage to make a single friend who is not a co-worker. And ok, the first six years, I didn’t try. But then I did because it’s my duty to provide a circle of acquaintances to my kid and surround her with people. And please don’t think that my lack of social life stems from an incapacity to be sociable. It stems solely from not needing to socialize. When I want to, I can be personable, chatty, fun and even charming. There are people here who met me in person, and they can confirm.

So I tried and tried. But it was useless. People shunned me at the park and on the playground. They refused to make eye contact and say hi at Klara’s school. Almost nobody showed up for Klara’s birthday party last year who wasn’t a colleague. It was very frustrating.

And then we accidentally ended up at the house of a rich family for a Halloween party. And now all of a sudden people are coming up to me at the playground and start long, engaging conversations. Everybody is RSVPing to this year’s birthday party and everybody is saying hi at school. I’m not imagining a connection because every conversation so far has started with, “Oh, hello! Remember me? We met at Emily’s Halloween party!” These same people met me at a million events at other places but only after the rich Emily signaled approval did I get noticed.

I don’t mind in the least because it’s all for Klara. But I wish somebody told me from the start how this works so I wouldn’t have needed to spend so much time trying to be liked.