Buying Always Wins

I saw Julia Beck (the Baltimore lesbian persecuted for denouncing the prison rapist who claimed to be trans) on TV. She says eminently reasonable things that were utterly uncontroversial five-six years ago. Being a woman, she says, is about the physiological reality of a female body. (And not about buying stuff, I might add.)

She also said that, in the acronym LGBT, there is an internal contradiction. L, G, and B are grounded in biological reality. And T is not. (And once again, I need to add that the T is wiping out the L precisely because the L isn’t grounded in buying. And buying always wins).

I saw Beck on Tucker. Did Rachel Maddow support a lesbian sister, does anybody know? Or is the sisterhood being supported on major networks solely by Tucker?

3 thoughts on “Buying Always Wins”

  1. Amen! And no, I’m sure Rachel would never have a “transphobe” on her show. I would take too much time away from her “Russia, Russia, Russia” segments.


    1. The next step, FB will buy a pharmaceutical company and will get the government to mandate antidepressant use to the people it identifies as needing medication.

      This is one example of the state relinquishing all functions beside helping technological giants maximize profits.


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