I’m so tired that when my computer prompted me to enter a password on the home screen, I typed in “password” and then stared in utter incomprehension at the screen.

P.S. Then I wrote this post on my phone, went back to the computer, and did the same thing again. Wish me luck on round three. Or maybe I’ll spend the whole night retyping the word “password” again and again.


5 thoughts on “Tired”

    1. It’s trying to tell me that since my gallbladder surgery I can’t exist on less than 8 hours of sleep a day. And I’m trying to live on 5. It’s such a letdown because I was always so good at needing little sleep.


      1. One author on the subject said that research shows that the first four hours of sleep are spent on repairs and the second four on memory management and readying the brain to learn more


  1. Hey, lady, it’s three a.m. in the Arizona moonlight, and neither you nor any or your less clever surrogates have responded to my not-so-clever but still response-worthy comments. I understand that “crash nights” happen to all web mistresses, so enjoy your well-deserved sleep! But I can’t keep talking to myself, so I’ll sigh off now.

    Goodnight! I hope that your nonsensical –and probably nonpolitical — nocturnal dreams over the course of the remaining night are as entertaining as mine.

    See you tomorrow! Pleasant dreams, Clarissa…


    1. There were very little dreams tonight because somebody thought it was a good idea to wake me four times at night demanding “milk, a book, a story, and another blanket.”


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