Over Nothing

When Obama broke all the campaign promises and more and more troops were sent to the Middle East, when nobody was punished for the ridiculous financial shenanigans that got us the Recession, when Obama kept sending drones to kill people, including US citizens – when all of this took place, the wailing from the media was absolutely nothing like we are seeing right now over a construction project that, at worst, won’t change much and will leave things as they are. Or what we have been seeing over every silly tweet or every smirking boy.

This isn’t about Obama specifically. Our former Governor Rauner did horrible things that actually hurt people and were definitely a lot worse than the smirking boy. But the story wasn’t even remotely covered by the media. Journalists will cover absolutely any ridiculousness, any inanity, any non-issue and wail and rend their clothes over nothing whatsoever to express, for the billionth time, that a president who, objectively, hasn’t done one hundredth of really bad shit Obama and Bush did, is evil incarnate.

Have you considered why they are so hot and bothered over the wall or the smirk or the tweets and cared nothing about punishing those who caused Recession or any of these other much more important things? These are people who are consciously trying to rile us up and get us to hate each other over nothing. Nothing.

Have you wondered who benefits from all this?


3 thoughts on “Over Nothing”

  1. I don’t think it’s any accident that this huge obsession with language policing and wedding cakes and etc. sprang up soon after the Occupy movement collapsed. The financial elite might have been genuinely worried for a few months that popular anger might be directed at them for a change.

    Much safer to get everyone in hysterics over pronouns and gay wedding cakes.


  2. Environment, and really basic issues re separation of powers. The post 9/11 reorganization of government was bad and Obama administration did not reverse but T wants to go / tries to go further in the direction of converting country into pseudo-state (I just coined that term and it isn’t very accurate, but it’s colorful, was going to say Latin American pseudo-state, à la El Señor Presidente or something). Ironic that he is so afraid of Lat. Am. when it seems to be his freakin’ model. But anyway, e.n.v.i.r.o.n.m.e.n.t.


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