Clowns Will Keep Clowning

2020 contender Kirsten Gillibrand backs third gender classification for Americans who identify as non-binary at federal level

— CBS News (@CBSNews) February 16, 2019

Not that I was going to vote for her anyway.


10 thoughts on “Clowns Will Keep Clowning”

  1. Well, at least she doesn’t think that New York can now spend that $3 billion tax credit that Amazon was supposed to get (AOC’s opinion, of course).

    And unlike Kamala Harris, she doesn’t say that people’s lower income tax refunds this year are proof that Trump raised taxes on the middle class.

    You’ve got a whole village of idiots in the Democratic Party — if you have to vote for one of them, I recommend Howard Schultz. 🙂


          1. “So, between the Socialist and the angry Psycho??” posted by Anonymous.

            Looks like WordPress is still screwing around with me — can’t even identify me correctly!

            Bernie’s the socialist (a goddamn idiot, but at least he’s sincere). Warren is a one-dimensional screeching harpy — as unlikable and unelectable as Gillibrand and Hillary.

            Who are your two angry psychos?


      1. I seriously doubt those two will be the finalists. One of them could be, but not both, they both appeal mostly to the same crowd (though Warren has broader appeal among Democrats), and crucially they aren’t likely to be the favorite of two important constituencies: 1. The nuts. Bernie appeals to some of those people, but not all of them; he appeals to the AOC lovers, but not the kinda people who like Kamala Harris. I’m thinking the Shakesville crowd. 2. Black voters. You’ve said yourself that neither Warren nor Bernie are very good at talking to black voters. Black people like Bernie and Warren, but are unlikely to put them as #1.

        My guess is the final two are going to be Kamala Harris and somebody else (who that will be I have no idea; depends partially whether Biden runs.) Hopefully the winner is “somebody else,” unless that ends up being Beto.


    1. This is supposed to be helping transpeople. Every trans person I’ve ever known has strenuously objected to being put in a separate category that is not male or female. So I don’t know how it’s helping.


      1. It’s for “genderqueer” or “nonbinary” people, who are who the idiotic section of the pro-trans movement is centered around. They’re a small minority of trans people, but they also tend to be the loudest (because to attempt to live as non-binary you have to be openly trans/”trans.”) There’s also some obvious connections to fluidity here; a binary trans person can potentially not do much to break down solidity, while a non-binary person is inherently a challenge to the gender binary.

        While many non-binary people are simply trans people who see themselves a little bit differently (I don’t really get it but it makes some sense), at this point many of them seem to just be either confused, gender non-conforming teens who will realize they’re not actually trans when they’re older, or non-trans people who want to get in on the trans trend without having to transition, change their bodies, etc. All the oppression brownie points, none of the struggle. This D-list celebrity is the perfect example of the latter:

        The mainstream social justice movement acts like non-binary trans people are more oppressed than those boring, stuffy trans people who just want to be men or women. So apparently I’m supposed to believe the idiot in this article, who’s fully living the life of a heterosexual man, faces a harder struggle than trans women and men. And he is prioritized over many trans people who face real struggle. At this point much of the “trans” movement is by and for cis people.

        In my view, regardless of how someone feels inside, most people are going to slot you into male or female, and having a third gender marker on licenses won’t change that. If you’re non-binary, I feel it’s wisest to choose which gender of the two you’re more comfortable being seen as. You can get close friends to use the pronoun “they,” but you’re not going to be able to stop strangers from either pegging you as a man or a woman when they meet you, etc., and trying to change that is a Sisyphean task.


        1. Oh, I get it now. Thank you for explaining this so well. I was honestly confused because this didn’t speak to the experiences of the trans people I have ever known. It’s sad that a small minority of very aggressive folks hogs the spotlight and speaks for the entire community which is nothing like this.


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