Back to the 1990s

So Jussie Smollett’s racist MAGA attackers actually turned out to be black? The story gets funnier by the second.

Everybody says it’s a throwback to the Tawana Brawley case but to me it’s more like the white paint hoax in New York back in the early nineties. A crime-ridden city wastes a ton of resources and interviews hundreds of people to find the racist attackers who poured white paint on two black and one Hispanic kids threatening to “make them white.” Politicians fall all over themselves to condemn the horrible racists but it turns out this was all a self-serving hoax.

Or an Emory College student who claimed she had bleach poured on her clothes and her stuffed teddy bears were mutilated in a racist attack. There was a wave of outrage, passionate proclamations of condemnation and then…. it turned out she was trying to wiggle out of trouble for cheating on a midterm and concocted the whole thing.

There were a couple more of these fake bleach attacks back then.

This was all in the nineties but it’s clear that some folks are eager to bring the nineties back.

The funny thing is that I was on another continent when it all happened but I know about it and now don’t take any of these bleach stories seriously. I know about these things from watching TV shows and reading many years after they happened. But the people who were here and experienced it all in real time, what’s their excuse for falling for this hoax?

4 thoughts on “Back to the 1990s”

  1. A point made elsewhere (that I’d never thought about). Cops get lots of experience with trumped up fake stories (as a certain subset of crazy people often try to frame their exes for non-existent offences).
    So they tend to see through stories like Smollett’s very quickly… unlike the supposed experts in the media who fall for dumb stories time and time and time again.


    1. From what I understand, the Chicago police started leaking information immediately because they were completely incensed that over a dozen experienced officers were forced to investigate this stupidity.

      And who was hurt in the end? Black people. The highest murder rates in Chicago are in black communities where people are terrorized by gangs. All the resources that were poured into investigating Jussie Smollett’s Subway sandwich were taken away from crimes in these communities. What a victory for racial justice.


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