Bernie 2.0

Problem is, it’s not the same Bernie Sanders that we saw in 2015. Today’s Bernie has capitulated to the loonie wing and fully embraced identity politics. His whole life he stood for the working classes. But now he’s just stupidly parroting the snowflake dogma. What’s the use of this new version of Bernie?

For now, I’m more hopeful for Elizabeth Warren.

14 thoughts on “Bernie 2.0”

  1. Did you notice that the ONLY news channel that even mentioned Bernie today was Fox, which covered his entrance extensively? I kept intermittently flipping through CNN and MSNBC looking for something about Bernie, and ALL those “news” channels talked about all day –every single show, every single host and panel — was Trump!


        1. “McEwan must be livid.”

          You didn’t scan her web page today?

          She’s been sick and bedridden all week, finally got up out of bed this morning — saw the news about Bernie, and immediately crawled right back in! (I’m not exaggerating. Click on her post) 🙂 🙂


            1. ” She has a really intense emotional life around Bernie”

              I thought it more revolved around Hillary (some weird self-projection thing….) – I remember a long post early in the 2016 cycle about how much a candidate would have to do to earn her vote… and then she just ended up with a massive girl crush on Hillary and issues and record be damned.


              1. “I thought it more revolved around Hillary”

                Yeah, this is really about McEwan’s delusional self-identification fantasy with Hillary, who she obviously sees an idealized projection of herself. She hates Bernie (and even Bernie’s wife!) because he dared to run against Hillary in the 2016 primary, and (in McEwan’s mind) played a major role in Hillary’s defeat.


      1. “I saw a segment on Bernie’s announcement on MSNBC during the early afternoon.”

        I knew somebody was going to call me out. 🙂

        I’ll admit that I didn’t watch every minute of every incredibly boring program on MSNBC and CNN — but I channel-flipped through both of those channels at least a dozen times during the course of the day, and EVERY TIME I clicked on them, the topic was Trump and McCabe, or Trump and “the wall,” or Trump and that idiot Tom Steyer trying to explain why impeachment is necessary right now!

        At least Fox News doesn’t write up a short list of talking points every morning, and then pass that list down through its daily schedule for EVERY host on every consecutive program to repeat in a drumbeat, word-for-word monologue.


  2. “For now, I’m more hopeful for Elizabeth Warren.”

    How do you feel about Biden? I’m sure he’s going to jump in any day now. This is Biden’s last chance at a run, and he’ll never forgive himself if he doesn’t take it.

    Beto’s in as well, by the end of next week. Today he announced his plan for turning the Dreamers into legal American citizens. (Of course, this was covered only on Fox.)


  3. Wait, when does the 2020 race officially start? It’s hard to get excited about the cast of thousands in this primary when Trump has been campaigning for reelection since the minute he took office. And then he wouldn’t shut up about 2016 and nobody has shut up about 2016 since and this is the stupidest version of Groundhog Day ever.

    Warren has solid progressive bona fides and that really hasn’t changed.

    OT, randomly: I’m sure you’re kicking yourself for not coming up with “identity capitalism” or “identity entrepreneurs” first. I’m sure you’ve also considered “Identity and Capitalism” by Marie Moran (fwiw Jim McGuigan blurbed her book.)


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