Decriminalizing Homosexuality

Decriminalizing homosexuality is racist.

Wait, what?


5 thoughts on “Decriminalizing Homosexuality”

  1. “Decriminalizing homosexuality is racist”

    The best thing is that a large majority of the comments are calling bullshit on the article and not falling for the…. assertion? there’s no argument made beyond the assertion that Trump bad…


  2. I’m not going to read the article, but I guess it’s the “pinkwashing” argument? In other words, using gay rights to justify imperialism… I’m generally against regime change efforts by the U.S. government (e.g., let’s overthrow this government because of its homophobic laws), but I’m totally in favor of ideological campaigns to try to influence policies and laws in other countries to protect LGBT rights.


    1. I’m definitely against regime change, too. But that’s not what is being proposed. The plan is to involve the UN, EU, OSCE andbghe Bureau of Human Rights and Labor to pressure countries that punish homosexuality with death or imprisonment to change their laws. This would include pressuring Russia to stop the extermination of gays in Chechnya, for instance. That’s how I know about this effort because what’s going on in Chechnya is horrific and if international organizations will finally notice and at least take a stance on this, it would be something already. The next step might be accepting refugee claims from persecuted gays who are in actual danger of being killed. This is something I deeply support. I think it’s ridiculous to oppose something like this when real persecution of people for their sexuality is happening.


      1. It’s the SJW idea that the U.S. is evil and can never do any good in other parts of the world, especially the “Third World” or “Global South.”


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