Ideological Crimes

British fashion brand Burberry apologized after debuting a hoodie with a noose around the neck during its London Fashion Week show. The fashion house said it removed the clothing item from its collection after one of its models blasted the brand on Instagram on Sunday.

In the Stalinist era (but not after Stalin’s death made genocide impossible), this was a regular feature of Soviet life. People found ideological crimes in notebook covers, matchbox designs, towels, etc. They were terrified and tried to demonstrate their political correctness (in a literal sense) by denouncing others for supposedly transgressing against the party line. It’s hard to blame them because it was a reaction to genocide. Once genocide ended, they stopped.

One thought on “Ideological Crimes”

  1. Yesterday certain corners of the internet were buzzing about some racist things that John Wayne said in a 1971 Playboy interview. It reminded me of Islamists searching for ancient art to destroy.


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