The Modern Big Brother

A human rights advocate with a quarter-century experience of fighting for human rights is banned from Facebook because human rights violations are an icky, distasteful topic.

Remember, censorship no longer is the weapon of the repressive state apparatus. It’s now the weapon of capital, and we are all eagerly collaborating.

5 thoughts on “The Modern Big Brother”

  1. I’ll just repost what I left there
    “What is needed is a return to things like blogging and webrings and usenet away from harmful ‘social media’ which is the worst thing the internet has ever come up with.
    Why people gave up such massively useful and decentralized formats in favor of putting themselves at the tender mercies of corporate psychopaths is something I will never understand.”

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    1. One after another, the bloggers I liked migrated to Facebook because “it was more convenient.” Then one after another, they started complaining that they are being banned for ideological transgressions. Yet none of them is going back. I will never understand why anybody stays on a platform after being banned half a dozen times for ideological reasons.


  2. In fairness I doubt it is anything new. I dare say old style media and publishing companies probably controlled the flow of information in much the same way. Imagine the newspaper that wouldn’t run that article or the network that wouln’t broadcast that show for fear of alienating advertisers or that it might harm ratings. The problem is that the internet wasn’t “supposed” to be this way.

    I mean it’s not like these policies are even keeping out the real objectionable content. They just keep coming back with a new account and probably use proxies, VPNs or TOR to hide their IP address, and it’s a bit like playing whack-a-mole. Plus they’ll come back with some sob story about how they’re being persecuted and censored and try and turn themselves into martyrs.


    1. Not only wasn’t the Internet supposed to be this way, it wasn’t this way. This all started happening after 2012-13 when smartphones became ubiquitous and social media started to rule. And it still can be reversed. Nobody is forcing us to take our (often very valuable) content to FB, Twitter and Instagram. We are handing over our power of our own free will.


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