How Well-Traveled Are You?

My score is 19. Who’s got more?

Visited means actually stayed for a while, not just passed through or had a layover.

Trying to Choose My Candidate

Folks, all of these debates about policy are fun but beyond the point. The only real issue is, who can beat Trump? Isn’t that the most important thing, honestly?

We all know it’s not somebody with the most detailed policy papers. It’s got to be an inspirational leader. Somebody who can rally a crowd, fire people up, draw huge audiences and hold their attention. Somebody serious and passionate who can’t be browbeaten by Trump’s taunts.

Folks, that’s obviously Bernie. He makes people fanatical, in a good sense. I’m still thinking about this but the more I do, the clearer it becomes that he’s our best chance.

Fake Socialists

Even if Jussie Smollett’s story had been completely true, it is a travesty to assign two dozen police officers to investigate a minor altercation that resulted in no bodily harm in a city with a ridiculous number of unsolved murders.

The idea that the murders of so many poor people deserve a lot less attention than a mugging of a rich guy is obscene. If we had people among our political leaders or presidential candidates who are even remotely aware of class issues, they’d be appalled with the situation from the start.

Once you learn to see things in terms of class, situations such as these – 24 police officers investigating a minor incident while gangs are wiping out dozens of innocent people – begin to look monstrous. A rich, famous guy is not the victim worth caring about in a city like Chicago, even if somebody had really used mean words to him and tried to take away his sandwich.

All of these Bernies, Kamalas, Alexandrias, and Co wouldn’t be able to develop class conscience to save their lives. They are so fake that even their socialism is fake. They are automatically on the side of the rich because it’s like a reflex. It’s either who they already are or who they want to be. Stories like these are real indicators of what these vapid poseurs are about.