A New Version

Oh, so now the official snowflake narrative on Smollett is that Chicago PD is pro-Trump and its investigation of the hoax can’t be trusted.

You can’t make this stuff up.


9 thoughts on “A New Version”

  1. Nah — the prevailing snowflake narrative on Smollett on the airwaves today is that he has to be presumed innocent until he’s tried and convicted in court.


  2. I’ve been seeing the “I don’t trust the police” sentiment for the past week. I don’t always trust the police either, but I don’t need to trust them to see that Smollett’s story was ridiculous.


    1. Whatever their political preferences, they assigned an insane number of officers – 24! – to investigate this ridiculous non-event. They aren’t pro-Trump enough to dismiss this inane complaint outright.


      1. I expect that the higher ups are all politicians, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of those 24 officers are Trump supporters and I doubt if they were happy with their assignment.


        1. No normal person would be happy if they were taken off real investigations and sent instead to investigate a skit by a silly little con artist. Or are you suggesting that people who don’t support Trump are lazy layabouts who are happy for any chance to avoid real work?


          1. I wasn’t trying to imply anything. I was just observing that the statement that they are Trump supporters is probably true.

            The issue is obviously the relevence, clearly nothing, rather than the correctness of this statement.


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