The reason I can’t get over the Covington debacle and the Smollett hoax is all the folks who immediately jumped on the bandwagon and supported both media campaigns.

Because I think they are sincere. They honestly believe this is what the world is like. They really despise us this much. They truly think we are feral animals and they are superior, godlike beings.

Smollett wasn’t trying to con me or you. He was conning – and quite successfully at first – people who inhabit a completely different reality and who think we are icky critters.

They sit in those Twitter and FB fester holes and rile themselves up to believe we are a threat to them.

When reality is the exact opposite.

5 thoughts on “Contempt”

  1. I understand people who fell for either of these things at first, especially if they didn’t research much. What I don’t understand is people who continue to defend Smollett even now. There aren’t many, but they’re out there.


    1. The capacity to recognize that you have made a mistake is very rare. Most people will insist that they were right in the face of all evidence to the contrary.

      I never understood that because I find it very easy to recognize I was wrong.


      1. “I find it very easy to recognize I was wrong”

        For me it depends, I was actually wrong about Smollett, my first thought that it was a quickly and poorly devised cover for a drug deal or street pick up gone wrong… I had no idea that he’d planned it himself (and had done such a poor job of it…).


        1. I didn’t have any explanations of my own in Smollett’s case but there’s been such a multitude of these online scandals recently that it made sense to wait it out and not jump to conclusions.


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