Need Computer Help

Folks, I’m a total blank space in what concerns computers, so I need some help.

I have a new used laptop (new to me but used by the person who gave it to me). It has 10 gigs free of storage. Is this a decent amount or do I need more? I’m not planning to install anything on it or do anything but use MS Office (already installed) and use the internet browser (already installed).

If I need more storage, what do I do? There’s nothing to delete, so do I buy something and stick into the laptop? Yes, I already said I’m a blank slate. But ask me anything about Hispanic literature and you’ll see I’m not an environmental non-event in every aspect of my life.

The laptop is a Cloud Aser, whatever that means. It has 29 gigs but 19 are occupied with system files. I only need it for the most primitive stuff because I already have a super powerful desktop outfitted for me by my husband who is a computer programmer. I don’t want to ask him these questions because like all specialists he’s incapable of answering a simple question about computers without going into an endless lecture that starts from the moment of the creation of the universe. And I just need to know if I’ll be fine with my 10 gigs.


8 thoughts on “Need Computer Help”

  1. 10 gigs is not a lot, but if you aren’t going to install anything or download things (like pictures or music), then it is fine. For light browsing and reading email and such, it will be fine. Should be fine. The good news is, when you need more, it will be easy to tell. I wouldn’t let it drop much below … 5 gigs? And..hmm. Windows 10 does require quite a bit of room to stretch around sometimes.

    For a laptop, you could just copy your stuff off onto thumb drives – which you would put into a USB port. You could even get a whole external hard drive that you plug in. My only concern is if Windows itself started gobbling up ram for,say, an update. 10 is probably enough. Maybe you can use it for a month and see how it has changed?


  2. Clarissa, Here’s what I would do:
    (1) In principal, 10GB is OK but not great, as the others have said.
    (2) If you already know this, pardon me: You will need to have a regular routine of “taking out the trash.” Every time you access the Internet, open Office docs (especially PowerPoint) or get an update from Microsoft, the applications will clutter your system with junk files, which will slow the system a lot and take up space. Using File Explorer (the file folder icon on the bottom of your screen), you find and right click on your hard drive. That will bring up a box with an option called “Disk Cleanup.” You will want to run that regularly. The more often you do it, the less time it takes to run. I do it weekly or whenever the system starts acting up. Any Windows system needs this done. Apple does a better job of managing this problem without user involvement.


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