Reality Is Dead

So Martina Navratilova is being hounded for pointing out the painfully obvious, namely:

Letting men compete as women simply if they change their name and take hormones is unfair — no matter how those athletes may throw their weight around.

In order to prove you are faithful to the dogma, you have to be willing to proclaim “Truth is lie! Lie is truth!” and do it sincerely and fanatically. The whole point is that what you believe and what you are ready to kill for should be completely wackadoodle. Because there’s no honor in fanatically defending that 2+2 make 4.

Here is an example from the response Navratilova got:

There is no evidence at all that the average trans woman is any bigger, stronger, or faster than the average cisgender woman.

You’d think they are taking the piss but I’ve had a couple of people defend this idea to me with a fanatical glimmer of religous belief in their eye.

The idea doesn’t matter, though. It’s not about specific beliefs. The only point here is to browbeat everybody into agreeing that objective reality does not exist. Truth does not exist. Nature does not exist. All that exists is a desiring individual whose endless whims need to be satisfied at any cost to reality, truth, or nature.


29 thoughts on “Reality Is Dead”

  1. Reality is rigged, yes—by whatever created everything in the universe, including our own terrestrial nature itself.
    I don’t get adult individuals getting so unglued over the fact that what they wish for in their imagination is often never going to magically come true or become part of reality or everyday life.


  2. I have the same reaction although since I do not experience gender dysphoria I am assuming there is something I just do not get. Also most men I know would not take hormones and change their name for purposes of getting into an athletic competition against women. What I do NOT understand about the gender dysphoria thing is that I know all of these women and men who all experience and express gender differently, without saying they are not women or not men. All of this is quite reactionary of me, I am sure.

    I am also not in favor of pressuring the Zulu club in n.o. to stop blacking up, as they call it, for Carnival, or for telling the Mardi Gras Indians they are doing cultural appropriation (they have created a cultural phenomenon, for Chrissakes), and here again I am being reactionary.

    Finally, I am being asked to participate in a dissertation study where the criticism of Spanish first year textbooks is that they do not include cultural material about the historical dialects of Spanish here in state, and what I have to say is dayum, they don’t include much before 20th century about anywhere, they leave that for the 2d year and beyond, why be so freakin’ critical, and in this I am once again being reactionary.


    1. Hey, welcome to the club. I now feel like a reactionary evildoer because yesterday I expressed support for Bernie to two colleagues and was told this is a result of my racism. Because racism is the only possible explanation for favoring him over Harris or Booker.


      1. I voted for Jesse Jackson twice and Barack Obama twice, and that is just at the Presidential level. My traditional congressional district was that of Ron Dellums when I lived there, and Barbara Lee now. There are hardly any white candidates for anything in the whole area. People do not get to tell me I do not know how to vote for nonwhite candidates.


          1. He was middle of the road then. I remember once when some white canvasser came to try to talk me into Jackson and I said I did not need convincing. I said you are not from this district, are you? There are all kinds of black people, radicals, Marxists, and so on and some run for office and sometimes we vote for them and you have to realize that Mr. Operation Push here is MILD and it is not a BIG DEAL to vote for him.


            1. I’m glad you are in the Bernie camp. The guy has stellar credentials. He always believed exactly what he says now unlike some people who are adopting whatever talking points are in fashion right now. Bernie is honest, experienced, and he can beat Trump. Which is the most important thing because what use is a perfect candidate who can’t win? He’ll be very strong in a debate with Trump.


              1. Yes, this is why I am for Bernie, he is who he is. It is not that I think he is perfect or agree completely, it is that he is not hedging images. I think this is what people respond to…

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              2. However, my leftier than me friends agree with Dreidel, say Bernie cannot win and that if the Democrats want to win they have to run someone else. I really do not see who, though.


          1. “that might be because I don’t associate competence with blackness.”

            Yeah, they definitely called you a racist. I hope you told them to go to hell.


              1. \ When people start using words like blackness or whiteness, I know they are hopeless.

                So, you would not enjoy reading an academic article “On Whiteness in The Tortilla Curtain“? 😉

                // Bernie is honest, experienced, and he can beat Trump.

                Why are you so sure of that? I think Bernie will never beat Trump, and his Jewish Whiteness will be one of (I hope not major) contributing factors.

                A major factor would be some Americans thinking he is too ‘socialist’ and others not being enthusiastic about him.

                I still remember your post on BLM activists and Bernie:

                If he let a few kids do that to him at his own rally, what will Trump do to him during debates and, most importantly, during his entire campaign? Bernie will look like a stereotype of a bespectacled, nerdy, weak Jewish intellectual (*), harassed by his own side, while Trump is already a president, looks a physically bigger and more powerful man (**), and his side will support him.

                May be I am wrong since I haven’t watched videos of Bernie’s speeches and the crowds he gathers, but I still think Trump will beat Bernie with super ease.

                (*) The latter word is not a wholly positive thing in America iirc.

                (**) I know it is a primitive kind of reasoning, but remember an educated person who told you she didn’t like Obama being so weak as to hold his wife’s hand?


              2. Stop saying whiteness because I can’t read the comment when you do it. 🙂

                Yes, Bernie has been a total wuss with the crazies in the party. I think it’s because of his age. He thinks that this is what younger people are like and that’s how you connect with them. But he’d feel a sense of moral righteousness with Trump that he doesn’t feel with the crazies in his own party. That will carry him through.

                And if the crazies don’t show up for Bernie because he’s Jewish, then Trump deserves to win.

                The most important part, though, is that we don’t have a real alternative. There’s nobody else.


              3. As for the paper, look, if you really believe that whiteness is a valuable concept, if you are super excited about it and want to talk about it to the exclusion of everything else, if it is really, really meaningful to you, then by all means, write about it. I’ll think you are supremely weird but who cares.

                But don’t write about it because the term is in vogue and others seem to be doing it. If you are not burning with passion for it, it’s not worth writing about.


          2. I always vote for the most liberal Democrat I can. Quite often that person isn’t white, but sometimes they are. Sometimes they are both white and male. In addition, if you try some litmus tests, look at one issue like abortion or the death penalty, look at their record or position on it and choose the one you like best on just that, over several elections you’ll get a variety of races, colors, national origins.


  3. I think that people should be able to do whatever they want with their own bodies. However, I’ve never understood why the best treatment for gender dysphoria involves making radical changes to one’s own body, instead of therapy to help one accept his or her own body as is.

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  4. Another hilarious or sad aspect of this issue is the following: SJWs always complain about emotional labor and tell other to use Google rather than ask them about any of the -isms or -phobias out there. Well, Martina did just that. She did some research and then published the linked article. And the result is clearly not what most SJWs would have wanted.


  5. \ But don’t write about it because the term is in vogue and others seem to be doing it. If you are not burning with passion for it, it’s not worth writing about.

    It is not a paper I am planning to write. It is a real research peer-reviewed article that has been published. 🙂
    The title made me suspicious too long prior to reading your post.

    I am partly suspicious of terms like ‘whiteness’ since it makes me imagine the authors as super-PC and thus unoriginal thinkers. Also, ‘whiteness’ and ‘blackness’ do not suit my lived reality in Israel, and are usually applied by anti-Israeli Americans and Europeans to misrepresent what is happening in my country and to vilify me.


    1. Many people have ended up in moderation for no reason recently. Whenever the blog spikes in popularity, like right now, the system gets stricter with commenting. Popularity has its costs. 🙂


  6. Clarissa, can you help with a technical problem, please?

    Blogger stopped remembering my email and now I have to type it manually for each comment. And now even this doesn’t help to avoid being sent to moderation.

    The 2 previous comments are there. 😦


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