More Return

At Klara’s birthday party today, I talked to a colleague who has three kids and who was also very pleasantly surprised with her tax return this year. They are Republicans, so they were doubly happy.

White Male

I share the sentiment of frustration in this poem but what I don’t get is the (currently obligatory) reference to white male colleagues. Does this crap feel any better when it’s done by non-white or female colleagues? Because it doesn’t. Their shit stinks just as much as anybody else’s.

Or is the idea that female or non-white colleagues don’t do this kind of thing? The only way you’d think that is if you are making efforts to avoid all contact with them. They are as human as white male colleagues and as prone to all human follies, including annoying dogmaticism.

I hate this current fashion of using the the words “white male” as a stand-in for “evil.” “White male academics are so sexist!” I’m sorry, have you spent much time with, let’s say, non-white Hispanic academics? And what, you found them to be less sexist than white academics? If so, you are either a liar or on drugs.