SJW Knitters

Even knitters have gone completely bonkers. I’m now glad I abandoned knitting years ago.

When Is Populism an Answer?

Why do people support lying buffoons who stoke fear and promise ridiculous, impossible victories?

Look at what happened to the Republican party. It clung to its outdated, dysfunctional Reaganomics of cutting taxes, starting endless wars and promising non-existent trickledowns. People got fed up with it all and voted for Trump because at least he’s entertaining and talks up a storm.

The Democratic party is following this exact route. Voters are getting fed up with the mindless cheering for globalization and the complete capitulation to the Silicone Valley and Wall Street. So entertaining buffoons like AOC gather a huge following. She’s getting ragged on for saying that since nobody in the party is actually doing anything, she’s the boss. But it’s true. If you don’t try to give people what they need, they’ll spit at you and turn to populist clowns.

Betraying Labor

How the snowflakes forced Sherrod Brown and Bernie Sanders to walk back their support of labor.

These were lifelong, strong, passionate supporters of labor. The party’s pro-globalization wing of rich snowflakes forced them (and other pro-labor folks in the party) to shut up about labor. So workers went and voted for Trump.

Question: why did workers vote for Trump? Answer: because they are all Nazis and are running around major cities looking for black starlets to lynch.

The Narrative

Fairfax declared that asking him about the multiple accusations of rape against him is like lynching.

The #MeTooers evinced zero interest. The #BelieveWomen crowd decided to disbelieve women.

I have no idea how all of the folks who wailed over the Kavanaugh allegations are explaining to themselves their utter indifference to clearly much more serious allegations against Fairfax. There should be a narrative they have for themselves to explain their not giving any fucks at all over this.