Betraying Labor

How the snowflakes forced Sherrod Brown and Bernie Sanders to walk back their support of labor.

These were lifelong, strong, passionate supporters of labor. The party’s pro-globalization wing of rich snowflakes forced them (and other pro-labor folks in the party) to shut up about labor. So workers went and voted for Trump.

Question: why did workers vote for Trump? Answer: because they are all Nazis and are running around major cities looking for black starlets to lynch.


5 thoughts on “Betraying Labor”

  1. \ Brown told members of Culinary Workers Union Local 226 in Las Vegas on Saturday. The union, which represents more than 57,000 hospitality workers from 173 different countries, is both Nevada’s largest labor organization and its biggest immigrant advocacy group.

    How are foreign hospitality workers rich snowflakes?

    They cannot vote, right?


        1. I had a close friend in grad school who dropped out in the last year and went to organize the immigrant hospitality workers in Nevada. Then he was succeeded in the job by another friend of ours, the nicest guy but a mega snowflake. I’m telling you, I know these people.

          The candidates don’t fear the hospitality workers. They fear these activist organizers who are considered the party base.


          1. I forgot to mention that the salaries of these organizers are twice what I make as a college professor. So my friend was right in making that choice. He’s from a family of Wall Street investment bankers, by the way. He’s the person who told me I was a bad scholar because I wasn’t prepared to stay in grad school for 10 years. He’s a dear friend, I love him to bits but he’s very blinded by his class privilege. We lost touch because if you weren’t useful to the cause, he’d pretend you didn’t exist and that hurt my feelings.


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