SJW Knitters

Even knitters have gone completely bonkers. I’m now glad I abandoned knitting years ago.

7 thoughts on “SJW Knitters”

  1. Unlike with something like activism, you don’t have to be involved with any sort of “community” to knit, so I’ll continue enjoying it as a relaxing activity.


  2. You can find racism and nuttiness everywhere because it’s not like people don’t have hobbies. :-/

    I deplore knitting and televised talent shows for personal reasons, but knit purl and tat away if it makes you happy.


  3. I sometimes think that the runaway expansion of the concept of “community” is one of the pathologies of our time. Liking knitting, or hiking, or Star Wars movies or whatever doesn’t automatically make you a member of some kind of knitting/hiking/Star Wars “community”.


      1. Indeed. The people who are the most eager to talk about the X community are generally also interested in appointing themselves the leaders of said community.


  4. I’d love to go to India but it would not be challenging – they speak English, or at least a lot of people there do. Challenging would be Russia or somewhere else where I could not speak.


    1. I’m not going to India because I need a need a lot of physical and emotional space, I can’t deal with the crowds, I can’t find the necessary detachment from the scenes of poverty, and I’m afraid of getting poisoned. Everybody I know who went ended up bedridden for weeks with food poisoning. A close friend of mine just went, actually. And got really sick. Another friend went last year and is now severely depressed because of the sexual harassment, even though she went prepared and colored her blond hair black for the trip. This is a young lady from the deep Midwest, so she never experienced sexual harassment before. It’s so bad that her mom is afraid she’ll try to kill herself.


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