Cohen Testimony

So… no Russian collusion, no subornation of perjury, no requests to lie to Congress, no trip to Prague, no love child even but Trump is vain and he said mean things. And there’s “something odd about back and forth praise with Putin.”

Wow, huge revelations. Totally worth waiting two years for this earth-shattering twist.

6 thoughts on “Cohen Testimony”

  1. See, this is the clever way the writers of As The Mueller Investigation Turns insert a recap of all the nonsense that happened before just in case you missed it.

    Here’s video of Cohen arriving at the Capitol to testify when he saw someone from his past.

    Good night!


    1. I would love to know what genius decided it would be a good look for the Democrats to ask, in desperate voices, “does he at least have a love child? Or maybe he paid for somebody’s boob job? Please? No? Pretty please?” while Trump is having a historic meeting with North Koreans.

      These geniuses. Trust them to lose yet another election.


  2. Nancy Pelosi gave reporters a very brief reply as to how important she thought today’s Cohen hearing was: “I didn’t watch a word of it.”


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