Tell Me Who Your Friends Are

A new research study fromthe University of Vermont and the University of Adelaide is about social media. Pointedly, the researchers reported that they could predict a person’s preferences (let’s call her Jane Smith) and beliefs based on what the Jane’s friends posted, without ever looking at Jane’s own posts or even if Jane didn’t have an account on the site. The predictions were 95% correct.

They would be 100% incorrect in my case. My FB feed is like an SJW cesspool on crack.

7 thoughts on “Tell Me Who Your Friends Are”

  1. So did you always feel this way about your FB feed or do you just keep it around for extreme-anti-confirmation bias purposes?

    I keep my posts fluffy and anodyne.


    1. No, it was always very normal. And then Trump happened and 90% of people I know went full SJW crazy.

      All I ever post are photos of Klara for relatives in Ukraine and Uruguay.


  2. One might assess me to be among the deceased if they peruse my Facebook feeds.
    There are only two individuals who “Friended” me, but who never leave comments on my posts or respond to any comments I might occasionally leave on theirs (except for one time).


  3. “My FB feed ”

    Here’s where I’m weird…. (from your other post but it also works here). I have no desire whatsoever to use social media to keep up with people I know in real life…. I’m fine with the occasional email but basically there are people I know if daily reality (meat-space if you want to be crude) and people I know online and those two circles barely intersect and I completely cool with that.
    For me the whole promise of the internet was about being able to contact people I’d never get to meet in person…


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