Justin Trudeau Is Corrupt

I thought Trudeau was nothing but a cheap poseur but he’s actually corrupt. He’s being accused by the Attorney General of consistently and aggressively pressuring her to stop prosecuting a large company in Quebec for bribery and other crimes in Lybia.

What a stupid, useless bastard.


9 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Is Corrupt”

        1. Yeah, but his father was worse, and there were big corruption problems before him. (at least Chrétien had some fiscal responsibility, though).

          His father, Pierre-Elliot Trudeau was way more intelligent et way more dangerous: he his still the politician that I hate the most, I wanted so much to slap his fucking piece of shit of face, GRRRRRRRRRRR!


            1. Some good points for his father though: he abolished the death penalty and he said some day: « There’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nations. »

              But in every other aspects, he’s the biggest bastard ever!


  1. I prefer “Justin Trudeau is a monomaniacal adolescent (in need of a father-figure), so egocentric he believes he is Canada, and therefore anything that promotes himself is good for Canada”. But yours is accurate too.

    I’m from Alberta and saw his father wreck my province with his National Energy Program in the 80s. So, I agree with David Gendron (and wish I could vote for something like the Bloc).

    Well, there is one positive note: Justin has united David (I assume from Quebec) and I on the issue of disdain for Justin and his father.


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