Movie Notes: F 11/9

I finally watched Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 11/9, and it’s actually quite good. It’s clear now why the movie wasn’t very successful. It is nowhere near, in the degree of the requisite Trump obsession, to what one is expected to demonstrate. And Moore doesn’t adopt the narrative about 63 million of racists-sexists-neonazis who elected Trump either. I guess, Moore just can’t be the kind of person who shits on “the stupid proles with their unrefined culinary tastes.” And I like him for it.

Instead, Moore argues that the fault lies with the Republican and Democrat politicians who are all hypocrites and liars. People got fed up with them and either didn’t vote at all or cast a protest vote for Trump whom they liked for knocking down the nasty characters like Jeb.

Even worse than Jeb, however, the movie portrays Obama. The guy is the true evildoer in the film because Trump, at least, never pretended to be what he isn’t.

Much of the film doesn’t mention Trump at all. There is a half-hearted nod to the theory that Trump is “just like Hitler” in the last 20 minutes but at the heart of the movie lies Moore’s favorite topic of the oppressions experienced by working people and their attempts to organize politically. Not organize against Trump. But organize against any lackey of capital, be it Trump, Obama, or anybody else.

I actually agree completely with Moore in his analysis of why Trump won. I don’t agree with his proposed solutions, which he sees as AOC, Rashida Tlaib, and the Parkland kids. I believe that the situation we are living through is such that well-intentioned, bumbling blank slates of human beings can make things infinitely worse.

I very strongly believe that what we need most of all right now is to identify the problem. The problem in question is that capitalism has entered into a completely new stage of development, which has very new consequences. And we need new solutions to these new developments.

But the people who will figure this out can’t be well-meaning wide-eyed innocents who have no idea that there are any differences between the capitalism of today and that of the Henry Ford era. Childishness might look endearing in its contrast to Trump’s cynicism but you don’t let toddlers perform surgery on patients, no matter how cute they look.

Still, the movie is not bad. The opening sequence is made with great artistry. The music track, the editing – it’s all beyond reproach.

I probably would have hated this movie two years ago but there’s been such an incessant pounding of racists-sexists-Russiancollusions-pissingprostitites that Moore actually sounds very refreshing with his refusal to do the kind of crap that the Rachel Maddows of the world have been visiting on us for two years.


10 thoughts on “Movie Notes: F 11/9”

      1. I’ve seen it happen time and time again. Either they aren’t as observant, or the thrill of power that comes with being part of the mob is just too much for them to resist.


      2. Well, that and many people genuinely buy into it. This guy’s publisher didn’t pressure him to withdraw the book and are probably annoyed that he did since 99% of YA readers don’t care about this stuff, he withdrew it himself out of guilt. Same story with the previous writer (not part of the mob, but sadly took the criticisms of her book to heart.)


  1. Are Michael Moore’s films recommended in general ? Haven’t watched any and now am curious whether he is a good source to understand America for foreigners. 🙂


    1. OMG! Impossible! You haven’t seen Bowling for Columbine??? Or Roger and Me?

      Please, do watch! The guy is a genius of documentary film making. Forget about what he’s saying and just look at the mastery of true art.

      I’m not sure it will help understand America, but it’s real art.


  2. I have watched half an hour so far, and the story of the Governor Snyder and the Flint water crime was horrifying. Was there a scandal half as bad as that recent smirking boy debacle regarding a governor declaring a false state of emergency to enrich his cronies and then poisoning citizens of a black city with dirty water with lead, while supplying clean Lake Huron water only to GM factory, whose owners donated to his campaign, since the dirty Flint River water was corroding the auto parts?!!!

    I checked whether he was in jail, but wiki reports “no legal charges were lodged against him” and “was elected to a second term in the November 2014 vote”, meaning after the water crisis was exposed. How did it happen? Are people insane?

    As for Bernie doing bad with African-Americans, here is an angle and a true one regarding how rich venture capitalists in government target the poor, especially the minorities, while Bernie would attempt to prevent such corruption and predation from happening. If Moore doesn’t exaggerate in his documentary, Snyder and his cronies must be in jail for decades and some steps taken to prevent similar things from happening in the future.


    1. You have to remember that this is all propaganda. Michael Moore always lies, embellishes and exaggerates. That’s why I said, don’t watch it for content. Watch it for the mastery. The content is a fairy tale.

      The Flint water scandal was almost entirely invented for political purposes and because stories of permanently brain damaged blacks are endlessly pleasing to progressives.


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