The Limit

Did you, folks, see the disgraceful performance of Rep. Rashida Tlaib at the Cohen hearing yesterday? I can’t imagine who voted for this piece of objectionable ridiculousness but that short statement she made insulting a black person and calling her a prop and then trying to weasel out of the situation was the absolute limit.


6 thoughts on “The Limit”

  1. Yep, saw it — and also saw the almost immediate article published in entitled “Republican Lawmaker [the guy Tlaib called a racist] FREAKS OUT When Democrat Says Using a Black Person as a Prop is a ‘Racist Act’.”


  2. Tlaib didn’t insult Lynne Patton, she just described what Mark Meadows did. defines prop as “a person or thing serving as a support or stay”. That’s exactly the role Meadows had her play when he brought her out there to stand silently behind/beside him, like an exhibit in a museum. Why was that necessary? If he wanted to use the defense that someone employs a black person can’t possibly be racist, he could have just stated that the Trump Org employed Patton, who is black.


    1. Patton was insulted and humiliated. I saw her last night on TV and she’s livid. And he didn’t bring her out. She came because she wanted to.

      She’s a very powerful, successful woman who can’t be brought anywhere she doesn’t want to go or made to play roles she doesn’t want to play.


      1. Oh, I’m not disputing that she was there willingly and happily played that role.
        I agree with what you just said with one crucial distinction: Patton felt insulted and humiliated. Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent and all that.


        1. People have compared her to a slave at an auction, called her domestic help and wedding planner. All this to defend Tlaib.

          I think black people are justified in being upset over this kind of clearly racist thing.


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