Mature Minor

In Canada, the state is declaring a 14-year-old kid “a mature minor” to allow a bunch of adults to mess with her genitals.

Be on the look out for this concept of “mature minor” because it’s going to crop up more and more to justify all kind of atrocities.

5 thoughts on “Mature Minor”

      1. “TERFs were right from the start”

        I certainly don’t by into the whole radfem argument, but on this issue I have become a big ole TERF and proud of it.
        The whole transmania issue is an unholy alliance of male sex offencers, bloodsucking pharma vampires and pedophiles wanting their pound of prepubescent flesh…
        I’m not even going to use their vocabulary anymore, I have respect for real adult transsexuals who transition with psychological and medical supervision but that’s not a choice any 14 year old is able to responsibly make.


        1. And look at the role of the state in all this. The state is playing the role of the neoliberal enforcer, breaking down family links to turn this kid into a lifelong hostage of the pharma companies. And the progressive, social-justicey position is to ensure that nothing stands in the way of this progress.

          At this point, here in the US the only thing that stands between us and the complete triumph of this scheme are the most conservative justices of the Supreme Court. I’m finding myself wishing that the court should be stacked by a bunch of hardcore religious fanatics because nobody else has any framework to oppose this. It’s crazy but I’m not seeing any alternative.


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