Miracle Cure

Hey, folks, so remember how I mentioned that Klara started getting up at night and coming to wake us up after moving into a big girl bed?

Things were getting worse and worse. She’d get up more and more often at night. It got to the point where she’d get up every hour for a total of 7-8 times a night. I was shattered. And even worse, she was shattered. If I can’t exist on this sleep regimen, imagine what it does to a toddler.

And then my mother came up with the solution. She said, “You are now so afraid that she’ll come and wake you up at night that you live in a constant dread-filled state of anticipating it. And since you anticipate it, think about it, expect it, she lives up to your expectations and gives you what you are so intently waiting for. Stop expecting her to come and she’ll stop coming.”

I was desperate at that point and would try anything, so I followed the advice. I locked my bedroom from the inside and meditated to isolate myself emotionally.

And… it worked. It’s been working for 2 weeks. Oh, the joy of sleeping through the night. I’ve gotten so much done in these two weeks, it’s crazy.

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