So now Democrats are a party that wants more people to have guns and fights to make it easier to access guns?

I thought we could at least rely on the Democrats to be reliably anti-gun. But now we are putting people on naughty lists for trying to control gun access.

OK, then.

5 thoughts on “Pro-gun”

  1. Everybody knows that the Democrats are more interested in abolishing ICE than in curtailing gun ownership. That’s what this House infighting was about.


  2. The problem with a giant coalition is that not everyone agrees with each other. I can’t think of a single position that you must absolutely 100% must have to run and win as a Democrat.

    On the other hand pro-choice Republicans are non-existent. So there’s that.


    1. “pro-choice Republicans are non-existent”

      I’m pretty sure Trump doesn’t much care one way or the other (not sure if that makes him ‘pro-choice’ but it doesn’t seem to be an issue for him or his voters).
      And actually the republican story has been one of carefully making sure that RvW has never been really challenged. The day they ‘win’ RvW is the day the allegiance of the evangelicals is up for grabs and they don’t want that, no way no how……


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